Some like it wet  

rm_katiasub 31F
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8/30/2005 4:16 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Some like it wet

My first golden experiences

A born pissbrat - this I was from the beginning of my life. Even the diapers I left later as a normal child. Surely because I felt me so fine in my well filled nappies. And I think, it was this experience that made me to the slut I am today. Because still now, a 19 years old girl, I feel a tingling pleasure when the golden stream runs out of my twat. But more exciting is, to hold on the need as long as possible. Then, the sudden late release is like an orgasm. When I was a child, each time when I hade to pee I tried to get this crazy feeling. That was the reason why my panties had some yellow spots. My mother always made me wearing white panties, brand “little ship”, for to control how clean I was. And I had to show her my panties twice a day. Of course on the white panties she saw each spot. In this case she pulled my panties down, put me over her knee and polished my bare ass. That was the punishment for a dirty brat like me. But after, when I had to stand on the balcony, exposing my burning red bottom, each time I felt something as a need to pee again. If I had a lucky day, my mom ordered me to wear my dirty panties over my head. Hmmmm… What an exciting smelling! I enjoyed it and tried to lick with my tongue the spots off.

When I was eight, a new family entered in the apartment upstairs to our apartment. They had a daughter in the same age as me. Susla was her name. She was very nice, and instantly I felt in love with her. It was the same for Susla. So we tried to be each free minute together.

Once we played together in the woods. Suddenly Susla said, that she had to pee. “Oh yes”, I told, “but pleas let me take a look.” Immediately she agreed, under the condition that after I piss too in front of her. So she lifted her skirt, took the panties off, spread her legs and began to piss. I kneed in the floor for to observe the spectacle of the flowing stream. Of course I wasn’t able to resist the attraction to hold my hand into the warm shower and lick my fingers off. Naturally, Susla did the same on my tour. It was so wonderful for both, that the same afternoon we did it again two more times. But the idea, to lick and dry with our tongues the starting points of these marvellous springs, came us only some weeks later...

Since that afternoon pee plays became our favourite game. We did it so often as possible, and little by little we discovered a lot of variations. Susla was very creative and mostly the leader of our games. So she created for example the “long pee contest”. For this game we hand to lay down completely undressed on our backs. Against the wall we put our asses and legs in the air in tried to squirt as far as possible in direction of our faces and mouths.

The house we lived was an older wooden house in a small town. The balcony was directly over the main street. One day Susla invented a new game, called ýraindropsý. For to play this game we pressed our nude snatches against the cracks in the wooden balcony floor. So we tried to pee on the heads of the passing people. Susla sang “Raindrops falling on my heady”. But nobody of the passing people discovered the real origin oft these drops.

Little by little Suslas games became more and more intense, more and more hard. So one day she sat undressed on my face, pressed her sweet slit gainst my lips for to pee me directly in the mouth. “We will not loose one of these precious drops”, she said.

Some time later Suslas parents moved away and I lost my play partner. But even now, many years later, I think often at this fantastic children time. My piss games are more proper today. Only in the shower cubicle I let run the golden stream down my legs. Or I try to piss on all fours as a little doggy. And only from time to time I can’t resist peeing again a bit in my panties...

Immerspitz77 39M
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9/13/2005 11:00 am

Hi Katiasub
Mich macht es geil wenn ich Frauen beim Pissen zusehen darf.
mein Traum wäre einmal eine Frau zu Ficken oder Lecken wenn sie am Pissen ist. Schon beim schreiben dieses Textes (im Hintergedanken das Pissfoto) macht mich Geil.
Ps. Ich hoffe du verestehst Deutsch
Kiss Immerspitz77

Shpongle_gmx 35M

11/27/2005 3:21 am

Alleine der Gedanke daran dir und Susla bei euren "Pissspielchen" zusehen zu können macht mich ganz wild. Naja, Susla ist ja leder nicht mehr da, aber wenn es dir auch spass machen könnte diese spielchen mit einem Mann neu aufleben zu lassen, melde dich einfach, ich bin immer gern dabei... (keine Angst, ich werde dich nicht ficken wenn du es nicht verlangst ) )

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