Wow... things go crazzy!!!  

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4/20/2006 11:46 am
Wow... things go crazzy!!!

The past few weeks have gone crazzy...

We had an AMAZING weekend in Montreal with another couple. Friends of not from AdultFriendFinder and it was a BLAST... I recmonend it to everyone. Please ask for details if you are interested .

We then went traveling around and had a few new encounters, yet nothing as torrid as the north canadians .

Nonetheless we are back in the area. Ready to get kinky!!! AdultFriendFinder is taking a very strange turn on us... So first thing is: we are not looking for couples anymore. ONLY SINGLE FEMALES... That's a choice both Kate and I made. So couples, if you're looking at use it will have to be a 3 thing first.

Also what is up with AdultFriendFinder??? The thin line in between shoping cart and "desperate litterature" is always present. No humanity? no time? or simply WAY TO MUCH FAKES AND SPAM...

We also have descided to not be more than a standard member in AdultFriendFinder. They are really making a poor job at maintaining this site (such a shame). So we'll check in times to times.

Hope you all have a blast and see you out there


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