Am I weird?  

rm_kat_n_taz 72M/30F
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3/27/2006 3:35 pm
Am I weird?

I am a married mother of two. I am 19 yrs. My husband and I decided to try something to spice up our relationship. Well we have had a lil' fun, and it helped our relationship for a while. Now here is my problem. I think I have figured out, that I am not happy with him. It's not because of the other people really, but in a way it is. I love him, yes. But there is no spark anymore. It was there again for a while, but it's gone again. What do I do. I know I am young, but I am mature. Any feedback will have to help some how.

Ohiocaveman 43M

4/24/2007 10:04 am

Sweetheart, I have bad news for you. PLEASE don't take this the wrong way and get defensive, but as mature as you may be, you still have alot of maturing to do. That's the way it is. Nobody is an exception to the rule, yet we all think we are. Someday, you will look back on your present age and think, "I can't believe I thought I was grown up". You will probably do this anually, if not more often. Please stay openminded about this, because I've already lived it. Hell, I'm still living it! Believe me when I tell you this; you are still growing and evolving into the woman you will be for the rest of your life. In ten years you will not be the same person you are now, and ten years after that you will have re-invented yourself again. Also, embrace your evolution!!!! Choose to change into the person you want to be! I know I'm a total stranger who has no idea who you are or what you've been through, but I tell you this in hopes you can take full control of your maturation process. (especially since little ones are involved). I hope I didn't anger or offend you, and I really, really hope I've opened your mind to yourself. Take care.

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