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rm_kat2wantsfun 60F
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7/9/2006 9:58 pm
A Thought

I know haveing an affair is wrong,Of all people I know how it can hurt. My ex cheated all the time. But my husband an dI have a verygood marrage and sex life. He loves me unconditional.Its just we dont have anything in common anymore or lack of it. I cant explain it. But isnt it the same thing if you have another partner in your bed along with your husband ? And all because it turns him on either it be a man or women in your bed together. Isnt it cheating with permission? So can any one tell me the differents? Even thou they say thats the way they what it joining in. I think somewhere along the line it will blow up on you. So if you have a little on side with an understanding of no strings just a little fun and company from time to time and them never knowing and getting hurt anyways by being open.

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