The seduction part 1  

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7/26/2005 8:55 pm

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The seduction part 1

Claudia smiled blissfully as she watched her friend, Rigo, approach, cell phone in hand. Both laughed heartedly as she heard their laughter echo from the cell phone. They kissed hello. A friendly kiss. He wrapped his arm around her curved waist. They walked towards the rest of the guests.
"Give me a real kiss", he demanded. She smiled and motioned for her roommate to come by. " with tongue", he continued. She blushed at the thought of passionately kissing her friend. Never.
"Here, Tina, give him some tongue", she beckoned her roommate as she slipped away from him and made her way towards the tall quiet man standing by the doorway. It was his brother. They exchanged a few shy words, and she disappeared into the house. A few seconds later, she came out with drinks in hand for the newly arrived guests. The party continued.
About an hour later, she found herself seated next to Rigo, exchanging good times.
"Let me call Lisa!" he exclaimed as he flipped open his cell phone. With a huge smiled she agreed. Through yells they both greeted their distant friend Lisa, who too shared in the new year's bliss. As she mumbled her way through her I Love yous, Rigo leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips. She pulled away and smiled.
"Come on, give me a real kiss," he softly whispered. She didn't know if it was the alcohol or the curiosity, but she found herself agreeing. He gently parted her lips with his tongue and waited patiently for her tongue to meet his. She relished in the moment. She pulled away when she remembered Lisa was still on the phone. Embarrassed, she broke the silence by repeating her I love yous to her. She passed the phone back to Rigo and she looked away. Her head spun as she replayed the kiss in her mind. Before she knew it, they were once again embraced in a passionate kiss. She heard Lisa's voice from a distance. She reminded him of Lisa and he simply shut his phone, hanging up on her. They passionately kissed for the next 10 minutes. Friends and guests at the party gawked as they walked by. In the distance, she heard a farmiliar voice tell her he would take her home as soon as she was ready. She nodded but continued in the passionate embrace. She would pull away, but the passionate desire in Rigo's gaze drew her back in.
The mood was soon broken, "Come on, I want to fuck you," he said. She pulled away and gazed at him with a questioning look. He pulled her back in and kissed her. He took her hand and led it to his desired location. Upon feeling the throbbing tip, she pulled her hand away and began to peel her lips away from his.
"Come on, let's fuck, I want to fuck you, I want to show you how it's done, how I do it," it was a surreal moment, "let's go to their room, we can fuck there."
She stood up as he kept hold of her hand. She shook him off and slurred that she needed to go to the restroom. When she came back out, he lay half passed out on the couch. She saw his brother and approached him. They talked for about 2 minutes until Rigo woke up. He approached her with hunger in his eyes. She ignored him. His indecent proposal brought her back to reality. She focused her attention on his brother, who also focused his attention on her.
"Claudia, let's get you home," she heard from the door. She looked up to find Leonel standing, smiling the typical Segoviano smile. She smiled back and nodded a now. She faced the older brother and kissed him goodbye. It was a very passionate kiss, unlike the kisses she'd given his younger brother. She kissed Rigo goodbye on the cheek and bid farewell to all. The guys all continued to hug her and gently slap her swollen bottom. She relished in the attention until she felt Leonel's hand pull her out.
She bid her farewells to the party guests and wished them all a Happy New Year. She leaned back on her seat, closed her eyes, and softly smiled...little did she know what was about to come...

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10/27/2005 10:03 pm

very suspensful

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