The morning of...  

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9/25/2005 11:00 am

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The morning of...

The harmonic music played into her dream as she gently turned to face the clock. 5:30 am. It was too early for her alarm. As soon as she realized it was her phone, she turned and quickly flipped it open.
“Hello”, she said in that raspy morning voice only a man could truly appreciate.
“Lisa?” asked the deep voice on the other line
She took in a huge sigh, she knew who it was, “Mmm-hmm” her voice echoed.
“It’s me, Fernando, are you asleep?”
She smiled as she heard the quiver in his voice. She knew the reason for this call. She knew no matter how much she tortured him, he would still come. But the question remained, did she want him to come. Her roommates slept in their rooms, unaware of what was most likely to happen.
“Mmm-hmm, I was really into my dream”.
“Wow, that’s good” he nervously said like someone trying desperately to please, ”so what’s up?”
“You know…can I come over”
“It’s late”
“You’re going to be late for work”
“I’m not ready”
She threw out every possible excuse, to each one, he replied, “That’s my deal”
His voice and confidence turned her on. The thought of sneaking someone into her room added more spark to the already burning fire that had lit in between her legs. She closed her eyes and touched herself, letting her index finger peel aside the thin sheet of fabric, and gently circled over the moist layer of skin.
“Are you awake?”
Her eyes flew open…she wanted him. No more teasing. She gave in on the condition that he gives her a few minutes to get ready.
She flew into her shower as soon a she flipped her phone shut. She wanted to wash off the sleep from her face. She ran her hand over her body, feeling the water coat every inch. As soon as she’s shut off the water, the phone rang. He was here.
She looked through the peephole and saw a masculine frame turning to the side. She quietly turned the locks and slowly opened the door. He stood at the doorway and eyed her in her red satin robe. She took his hand and softly pulled him inside. She quietly shut the door, and led him to her side of the apartment.
As she led him into her room, he pressed his body against hers, letting her feel is hunger. She savored the feeling. She felt his throbbing cock press against her. As the door to her room shut, he moved her hair to the side and began to nibble softly on her neck. Her whole body responded, arching back towards him. His hands traveled down from her shoulders, to her elbows. They loosened their grip to dig through the satin fabric that clung to her burning body.
Her nipples began to harden as a cool breeze caressed her skin while he tugged the robe open. His hands felt rough, pressing against her soft skin. They squeezed on her hips, pulling them towards him. He swayed them, back and forth as he thrust his body in the same tempo. Her breathing became deeper and heavier as his. His hands made their way up. With every inch he traveled up, her body quaked in anticipation. His finger stopped at the precise location where her nipples peaked. As if on command, his thumb and index fingers began to squeeze. With each pinch, she let out a soft cry, arching her back, asking for more.
Without warning, he turned her o face him. Hunger filled her eyes. She licked her lips as she eyed his lips. As if reading her mind, he pulled her face up to him.
“You want this?” he asked. His eyes burning through her.
She bit her lip, and nodded as she leaned in to kiss him. She did.

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10/18/2005 5:27 pm

(Clap, clap, clap) Brilliant, my dear, brilliant. You are an excellent writer. Maybe one day I can inspire you to write about us. Have a good day and keep up the writing.


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