Getting to Know the Neighbors -- Part I  

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Getting to Know the Neighbors -- Part I

I was standing in the driveway cleaning my motorcycle for the next day’s ride when I heard a noise behind me.
“Excuse me,” a man’s voice said.
I turned to see a gentleman standing about five feet away, dressed in a running suit, and seeming somewhat uncomfortable. He was about my height, slender, with longish hair and delicate features. He glanced about nervously then turned his attention directly to me.
“Can I help you?” I said.
He hesitated, seeming to gather the nerve to speak, then looked deeply into my eyes, “I believe we have some of the same interests in common.”
I replied, “Oh, you have a bike?”
Again, he glanced left and right, then leaned towards me slightly, lowering his voice, and spoke directly to my soul, “No, I mean our mutual appreciation for wearing women’s clothing.”
I froze. I’m sure my eyes widened as I tried to suppress the panic rising within me. I, too, looked around to ensure no one else could hear us, then stammered, “I, uh, don’t believe I know what you’re, umm, talking about.”
“Look,” he said, “I apologize for being so blunt and I certainly don’t mean to intrude, but I’ve been watching you for some time through your window and am absolutely thrilled to find another like-minded ‘sister’ who apparently enjoys the feeling of lace, silk and nylon as much as I do.” Seeming to catch his breath after this almost painful revelation, he continued, “I’m not here to embarrass or intimidate you, I just wanted you to know that I know and I understand and hope that we can be friends.”
Still unable to speak, I stared at him, not knowing whether to run or stand in denial or break down and cry.
He reached up for the zipper on his jacket, again looking for intruding eyes, then slowly pulled it down revealing a lovely royal blue basque underneath. Again, he looked deeply into my eyes, searching for some hint of acceptance, then finished, “Again, I’m sorry to jump you like this; I would have much rather met under more receptive circumstances… You have no idea how long I’ve debated revealing my passion for all things feminine to another person; I’m actually terrified right now. However, when I saw you through the window, and began to watch how happy you seemed when dressed, and how incredibly sexy you looked, I thought that maybe, just maybe, I had found someone who would understand…”
His voice trailed off and he zipped up his jacket, dropping his eyes to the ground, seemingly spent. By this time, I had recovered from my initial shock at being discovered, and felt a certain empathy with the gentle person standing before me, vulnerable, hoping, and wearing an absolutely exquisite piece of lingerie!
I gathered my courage and said softly, “You must realize that this subject is incredibly personal to me, and that there must be absolute discretion and secrecy. I’ve never shared this secret with anyone before…”
He raised his head and smiled ever-so-slightly, his eyes wide with anticipation. “Oh, absolutely!!! I don’t know about you, but I would lose my career, income and probably all my friends and family if this ever came out.”
He continued, obviously buoyed by the possibility of finally finding a soul mate, “Like I said, there is absolutely NO pressure here; simply an opportunity. If you would like to explore the possibilities of friendship and sharing our mutual ‘hobby’, then, when you are sure you’re ready, please call me… My feminine name is Jennifer.”
With that, he handed me a slip of paper with his telephone number on it, smiled sweetly, then turned and walked away, almost skipping with glee.
I finished the cleaning job but my mind raced trying to take in just what had happened. I was, in essence, “outed”; an eventuality I had dreaded from the first time I had put on a pair of pantyhose. Like my new ‘girlfriend’, my life would come crashing down around me if my cross-dressing was to become public knowledge. However, it would seem that Jennifer was a closeted transvestite also, and had shown more nerve than I possessed to actually reveal that to another person. I had to admit that I had often thought about being with another ‘sister’, sharing clothes and make-up tips, posing for each other, eventually holding each other close, feeling the softness of our lingerie and the heat of our bodies, allowing our lesbian-like desires to surge forth. As the shock of the moment wore off, intrigue and excitement grew within me.

It was several days before I felt comfortable dressing in my feminine attire again. While I normally kept all the blinds closed, there was a large transom above the French doors leading to the deck; I assumed that Jennifer had spotted me through those. I considered covering them with curtains but, honestly, the thought that someone was watching me (AND that they thought I looked sexy) was extremely arousing. Accordingly, I put on a particularly slinky black dress, seamed hose, stiletto pumps and my best auburn wig and began to “strut my stuff” for anyone who cared to watch. I ensured I walked back and forth in front of the transom numerous times, posing and doing my best to engender a little enthusiasm from my (hopeful) audience. After downing about a bottle of wine, I gathered my courage up and dialed Jennifer’s number. I stood in front of the window and stared out as I called.
She answered immediately, “Hello? Is it you, Dear?”
Using my most sultry voice, I offered, “Jennifer, this is Karen from across the way. We met a few days ago when you stopped by…”
“Well, Hello, Karen! I am absolutely THRILLED you called, Sweetheart!”
I looked out the window, “Are you watching me now, Jen? Can you see me? I’m wearing this outfit just for you…”
I could have sworn I heard her gulp. She replied softly, “Yes, Darling, I’m staring at you right now. You are absolutely GORGEOUS! I’m afraid I’ve been touching myself just a little you’ve got me so hot!”
I saw a light go on in the upstairs window of the house directly behind me. There stood Jennifer, dressed in a matching lace camisole and panties, thigh-high stockings and ankle-strap sandals. She was incredible! I saw her hand slowly rubbing her crotch as she held the phone to her ear. She said, “Karen, your are driving me wild right now!”
With that admission, I turned and looked back over my shoulder, then bent over, allowing my skirt to rise and expose my garters and lace stocking tops. I reached down to smooth my stockings then stood up and faced my admirer. “Well, thank you, my Dear, you’re very kind. I must admit that my clit is certainly stiff thinking about you watching me, wondering what you’re wearing, how you’re reacting, what it might be like to actually meet…”
Jennifer squealed, “Oh, Karen! You have NO idea how much I want that to happen. We can dress for each other and talk like old girlfriends as long as you like. While I will admit that I would simply LOVE to hold you in my arms, we can keep this on whatever level you’re comfortable with.”
“Well, Darling,” I replied, “I think we should meet and just see where this friendship goes, don’t you? I’m not promising anything, but I, too, have been thinking about touching and kissing another like-minded ‘sister’ for years. . . . . Perhaps it’s time . . . “
“All right, Gorgeous,” she said, “I guess that only leaves deciding the time and place?”
“Yes,” I said, “Since you already know where I live, why don’t we meet at my place this Saturday. Is 4 p.m. good for you? I want to have time to properly prepare.”
“That would be wonderful, Darling.” she replied. “I’ll try to look my best for you; this is SO exciting!”
The anticipation began to build as I continued, “It certainly is! Why don’t you bring several outfits and we’ll model for each other. If you don’t mind, I would like you to take a few pictures of me since I don’t have any while dressed.”
“That’s an incredible idea, Dear! And I would appreciate you taking a few pictures of me, also; a girl can never have TOO big of a portfolio!”
We chatted like college roommates for almost an hour, finalizing the details and hinting at the possibilities. When I finally hung up, my clit was sorely in need of some attention. Still standing in front of the window, I slowly pulled up my dress, stroking my hardened shaft through the delicate satin of my thong. Inch-by-inch, I lowered my panties, allowing my eight-inch clit to spring forth. I gently cupped my large balls as my fist fucked my engorged member. I was in such a heightened state of arousal, it only took a few minutes of pumping to bring me to the edge. I shot a massive load of she-cum into my waiting palm, careful to catch every last glob. Looking up at Jennifer’s window to see her still standing there, I put my hand to my mouth and drank the sweet cock nectar, sluttily licking my hand to get it all. I blew Jennifer a kiss and headed to bed.

The days leading up to Saturday were filled with frantic wardrobe review and, like every girl, feeling I didn’t have a THING to wear! Eventually, I picked three or four outfits, including my favorite “schoolgirl” ensemble that made me feel wickedly sexy. Saturday morning, I began my regimen of shaving, soaking, moisturizing, shaving again, and general pampering as I prepared for our encounter. I was delirious with anticipation and my fantasy factory seemed to be working overtime; it was all I could do not to pleasure myself repeatedly during the day. Finally, as the afternoon wore on, I began to dress. Starting with a black lace thong and lace bra, I covered that with a matching satin camisole and tap pants. I had off-black thigh high stockings and my favorite open-toed dark gray pumps. I finished my make-up, sipping a little wine to calm my nerves, put on my auburn wig, and then finished the outfit with a tight gray / blue sweater / short skirt combination. The doorbell caught me by surprise and I just had enough time to check my make-up one last time before opening the door.
Jennifer stood there carrying a garment bag, again in the jogging suit but with a hat pulled down across her face. I said, “Come in, Dear.”
She quickly entered and put the bag down. Pulling the hat off her head, I was surprised as her long hair fell down to her shoulders. She, too, was completely made up and rapidly extricated herself from her ‘drab’ clothes, revealing a delightful burgundy sheath dress with sunburnt hose. She pulled her strappy sandals from the bag, slipped them on and said, “There, that’s more like it!”
We hugged and smiled at each other, strangely with no apprehension, like we were long lost friends renewing our acquaintance.
I offered her some wine and we sat in the living room, complimenting each other on our outfits. Naturally, we had to do a little ‘modeling’, strutting back and forth in front of an appreciative audience as they commented on particular items they found cute or irresistible. We talked incessantly, covering our own personal histories of feminine desires, revealing past heartbreaks and near-disasters, as well as sharing a seemingly life-long search for acceptance and happiness.
We headed upstairs to my bedroom where we set out our different outfits, delighting in each other’s choices. We would change in separate rooms then meet downstairs for more wine and ‘runway modeling’. We laughed and grew closer by the minute. As the wine took hold and our initial hesitation evaporated, the comments became more and more suggestive and the looks more and more lustful. The sound of our heels clicking on the hardwood floor only served to heighten the sexual tension.
Finally, we decided to relax in some simple lingerie, each sporting our most seductive outfits. I had chosen my emerald green basque with matching satin high-rise panties. This basque was my very favorite because of the lacy garter straps, which allowed me to wear my lace-top black stockings. The outfit was finished off with a matching silver and emerald necklace, bracelet and earrings. Black 3” ankle-strap pumps put me at an imposing 6 foot even.
I literally gasped when Jennifer entered the room. She had swept her hair up with a nice bow and was wearing pearls around her neck and wrists. Her beige corset, demi-bra, garter belt and lace panties were all perfectly coordinated. Her beige lace hose tightly caressed her shapely legs. The ankle-strap beige sandals put her majestically at a height level with mine.
I was speechless as she smiled, gently leaned in and placed just the hint of a kiss on my lips. We again sat on the couch, sipping our wine, but hungrily looking each other over and admiring the view.
I had music play through the ceiling speakers and, as a slow jazz number began, she asked, “Darling, would you care to dance?”
I almost jumped up and said, “All right, but eventually, somebody will HAVE to lead…”
She gently laughed, her eyes twinkling as she took my hand and led me to the center of the parquet floor. I lightly rested my hands on her shoulders as she placed hers on my hips. We swayed to and fro through several melodies, slowly pulling each other closer and luxuriating in the warmth and smoothness of our bodies. I rested my head on her shoulder, her hair lightly against my skin, and inhaled deeply the sweetness of her perfume.
I could feel her lips against my shoulder as she gently kissed me, pulling my closer to her as her hands slowly slid down to my tight ass cheeks. I could not stop my clit as it swelled, and delighted in the feeling of hers doing the same thing.
Being able to stand it no longer, I stopped swaying to the music, leaned back a little and faced my partner. Slowly, I leaned my head to one side, closed my eyes, and gently kissed her luscious lips. Tentative at first, our lips touched briefly, then renewed contact with more determination. Slowly parting as they touched, our tongues flicked at each other, then began a passionate dance as our embrace grew more bold. Jennifer began grabbing and kneading my ass cheeks and I pulled her towards me for all I was worth. We thrust our pelvis’ together and felt the rubbing of the other’s stiff clit.
We broke our embrace breathlessly, each surprised at not only the other’s level of passion, but our own as well. I said, “You know, the music plays just as well in the bedroom . . . Maybe we should continue our ‘dance’ up there?”
Jennifer smiled mischievously and gently grabbed my hand, leading me up the stairs. (This allowed me the delightful sight of her beautiful ass ascending the stairs right before me…
Once in the bedroom, we again tightly embraced, picking up immediately where we had left off. Our tongues and fingers explored each other’s most sensitive areas as our clits continued to strain for release. Stopping to catch my breath, I looked into her eyes and asked, “Jen, Darling, would you allow me the pleasure, and privilege, of tasting you?”
Again she smiled, slowly laying on the bed, awaiting my attention. I bent over and lightly traced the outline of her throbbing clit against her lace panties. The large wet spot from pre-cum was evident, and she moaned softly as my tongue found it’s goal. Slowly, I pulled down her panties, allowing her seven-inch clit to spring forth, proud and more than ready. I knelt between her thighs, putting my hands under them for guidance. I slowly lowered my head towards her turgid prize. My hot exhalation on the purple tip caused it to jerk in anticipation. Lightly my tongue flicked across the massive head, catching another delicious drop of pre-cum, then slowly encircled the tip right under the lip of the head.
I could hear Jennifer gasp as my tongue stroked the most sensitive part of her clit. Her hips rose off the bed as she struggled to bury her shaft into my hot, wet mouth. But there was plenty of time for that, I thought… For now, we need to build the tension to the breaking point…
I raised her legs up to her chest and exposed her cute pink boy-pussy. I ran my tongue down underside of the shaft of her clit, stopping to lick her balls and gently suck on each one, before my tongue continued down to her sweet entrance. My saliva and rapidly flicking tongue caused her doorway to pucker repeatedly and her moaning became even louder. I drew my tongue back across her perineum, sucking once more on her tight ball sack, the back up the shaft to the pulsating head.
By this time, Jennifer was moaning loudly and moving her hips wildly. Applying the final touches, I moistened my middle finger and gently inserted it into her puckered pussy, applying direct pressure and rubbing the prostate. With the other hand, I encircled the base of her clit with one finger and thumb to allow me to grip and stroke her member. Finally, I lowered my hot, wet mouth down her throbbing shaft, alternating powerful suction and swishing it back and forth with my tongue.
I continued to probe, stroke, suck and lick as I listened for signs that my lover was enjoying the attention. Jen’s moans evolved into earnest appeals for more. “Yes! Yes! Oh God, that feels good! That’s it; fuck my hot pussy! Suck my clit, Baby; suck it hard!”
It was all I could do to continue my ministrations as Jennifer’s hips bucked wildly and she thrust her pelvis into my face and hands. Slowly I could hear the final act building as she again began to moan and curse, “Yes! Yessssss! Oh God, I’m going to cum, Darling! Fuck me! Suck me! Take all of it, Baby! Let me shoot my hot cum down your throat, lover! Oh God,… Yessss!”
With that last admission, I felt her tense up and begin to jerk. He pussy portal puckered rhythmically around my probing finger as I felt hot spurts of love juice hit the back of my throat. She continued to spasm as I slowly and lightly continued sucking, gently withdrawing my finger from her pussy, and delicately licking the remaining droplets of cum from her shivering pole. I opened my mouth so she could see the full load she had presented me with, then loudly swallowed it. I crawled up beside her and laid in her quivering arms, kissing her gently and allowing her to taste the sweetness of her own juices.

After a few minutes of recovery, Jennifer winked at me and said, “That was absolutely fantastic, Karen. However, now, Gorgeous, I think it’s time I gave YOU a little pleasure.”
She straddled me and began to lightly massage my entire body; slowly, sensually, not missing ANY of the ‘good parts’. She gently sucked and pulled at my exposed nipples causing them to be painfully erect and sensitive. She reversed positions and dangled her beautiful clit just out of reach of my wanton mouth, teasing me as she licked and sucked my own throbbing member. She continued sucking and licking with an expertise I could only dream of… Occasionally, she would switch around and kiss me deeply, rubbing her taut body against mine, heightening the awareness of our lingerie-clad forms as they squirmed in pleasure.
Eventually, she pulled me up and stood me at the edge of the bed. Once more, she looked deep into my eyes and pleaded, “Darling, I need to feel you inside of me . . . . “
I nodded and kissed her deeply. She rolled a condom down my turgid shaft, climbed on the bed, kneeling and rubbing lubricant on her puckered pussy portal.
Moving behind her, I found her to be just the right height for my hard clit to be poised at the entrance to her love tunnel. As I placed the tip against the doorway, I felt her brace herself slightly to begin the process. With the previous violation of this sanctum, she was already loose. It only took a little pressure to move the head into her hot, tight tunnel. I waited for her concurrence, then slowly began shoving my entire length into her waiting hole.
The warmth and tightness was incredible. Eventually, my entire eight inches was buried balls-deep into her ass-pussy. After acclimatizing herself to the feeling, she relaxed and began to rock back and forth, encouraging me to pump her hot pussy for all it was worth. She found that she could tighten her sphincter just as the head of my clit came to the entrance, inducing me to plunge it back deep inside her.
We continued fucking our brains out, Jennifer squealing and begging for more, me panting and cursing and pumping for all I was worth.
“Yes, Baby; Fuck me with that big cock of yours! Give it ALL to me, lover! Fuck my pussy; harder,… Harder,… HARDER!!!”
“That’s it, Darling… Take my hot cock in that sweet pussy of yours! You want it, don’t you, Baby? You need it, don’t you, Baby? You LOVE it, don’t you, Baby?”
I felt that old familiar burning in my balls as my orgasm began to build. Reaching around, I could feel her hard clit and began to stroke it in time with my own. I was banging the hell out of that ass, fucking her as good as I could, and I felt the cum bubbling to the surface.
Jen said, “I want you to cum on me, Baby, cum all over your dirty little whore!”
My legs were shaking as pulled out of her puckered pussy, ripping off the condom and laying my clit in the crack of the lovely ass. I blew my load all over her ass, an incredible sight that still causes me twitches in the britches. After recovering my strength, I knelt down and licked the cum from her ass. I kissed her deeply as we swirled the batch of love juice in our mouths.

Once again, we lay in each other’s arms, drifting off for a brief respite. I awoke to feel her delicate fingers tracing my now re-invigorated clit, my hips unconsciously thrusting in her hand. She looked at me and said, “Is there anything else I can do for you, Lover?”
I thought about it and concluded, now was the time… “Yes,” I said, “I want you to make me a complete woman.”
Understanding, she kissed me deeply and began to run her tongue around my ear and neck while sliding her hand across my hard nipples and down to my turgid clit. This attention had the desired effect as my entire body seemed alive with passion and quivering with anticipation. She lowered herself and placed her body between my spread thighs, lifting my legs as I had done hers. Her tongue gently licked and sucked on my throbbing member, then lovingly serviced my taut ball sack. Slowly, and deliciously so, her tongue lowered to my quivering pussy hole, licking and sucking and probing, driving my wild with excitement and anticipation.
She rolled me over so I was kneeling on the bed as she had done. She pulled on a condom around that sweet clit of hers and applied some warming lubricant to my puckered portal. I felt her finger slide in and apply pressure to my prostate love button; my doorway tightened around her knuckle as she continued probing. She said, “Relax, Darling… You’re going to feel WONDERFUL!”
After warming me up with her digit, she placed the latex-covered shaft head at the my pussy entrance and began applying pressure. Initially my first natural impulse was to resist, despite how much I really wanted this. To help, Jennifer suddenly slapped me on the ass. The surprise (and pain) caused me to instantly relax and her clit entered my love tunnel without a problem. My moaning was interspersed with whimpering as I rocked my hips back and forth, egging my lover to fill my hole.
While the stretching of the sphincter was initially uncomfortable, this feeling was immediately replaced with an incredible internal “fullness”. This feeling increased as Jen continued to ram her clit-meat deep inside me. At last, I could feel her balls up against mine. I felt stretched to the limit and that every crevice was filled. It was the most amazing feeling I have ever had in my life! I didn’t EVER want it to stop!!!
“Oh God, Jen… This is INCREDIBLE!!! Give it ALL to me, Lover! Fill my hot, tight pussy with your huge cock!!! Fuck me, Baby,… Fuck me harder!!”
Jennifer complied with abandon. After the initial shock of being violated to the nth degree, I soon found myself rocking back and forth, shoving my hot, wanton pussy into my lover’s pelvis, begging her to pound that hot, hard meat into my fuck hole. I could feel her balls slap against mine as we banged the shit out of each other…
“That’s it, Karen. Take it; take it ALL! You like my hard cock up you hot little ass, don’t you? You really ARE one hot little cock slut, AREN’T YOU??? Say it , Baby,… Tell me how bad you want me to fuck your hot pussy!!!’
“Yes, Jen,… Fuck my pussy harder and harder. Ram that sweet love pole into my hot, wanton ass!!! Make me your dirty little cock whore! Make me want to fuck and suck and lick you clean! Fuck my ass and shoot your hot cum all over me like the dirty little whore that I am…”
The fullness of my ass was met by the heat in my balls as I fucked my own fist while Jennifer fucked my ass. Once more, I felt her tighten as she banged her clit deep into my ass for one final thrust. Like me, she pulled out and finished spewing her load of cum all over my wanton ass. This caused me to shoot another load onto my leg, jerking spasmodically and screaming in ecstasy. The sudden loss of pressure by her withdrawal left me feeling empty, and I quickly turned to embrace my lover. She had licked her cum off my now tender ass, as had seen my own load on my nylons and licked that up too. As with our last time, we shared our cum soup as our tongues twirled the batter around our mouths.
Once more, we fell asleep in each other’s arms. Exhausted, sticky, sweaty but sated, we luxuriated in the feel of each other’s warmth, silk, lace and sex. We knew we had just embarked on a wonderful adventure, one that we had been preparing for our entire lives . . .

Karen McCleod

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
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2/20/2006 5:34 am

Wow, glad it all worked out

Purry {=}


OpenToAllNow2 79M

6/28/2006 6:42 am

Wow, my only regret with your story is that I wasn't one of you! Very, very hot and I can only hope some day really soon I too can experience such ecstacy in the arms of hot CD!

rm_slowjoebones 61M

2/4/2007 5:55 am

Sizzling hot and breathtaking! Although I don't dress up or bottom I still found myself strangely jealous of Jennifer making love to you instead of me.

TS_Sara_1952 64T

2/5/2007 9:28 pm

What an incredible, heart-felt, romantic and fantastically sexy story, Karen. Oh My God. You are a gifted writer, hon, and I was completely captivated. Now - it needs to happen to me!!! ~~~~ Sara

PacerOctetCoped 62T
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2/12/2007 1:47 pm

Dear Sara,

Thank you, Dear, so very much for the kind words! I truly enjoyed writing this little episode (although I must admit I had to take several 'breaks' to cool down...). I am delighted that you found some enjoyment in my efforts, and am encouraged to try once again in the future...

In the interim, I guess my fantasies will have to be fueled by staring intently at your gorgeous legs!

Please take care and be well...
Yours, always...

TS_Sara_1952 64T

2/15/2007 9:55 pm

Dear Karen,

Oh, you may stare all you wish, my dear! Thank you so much for that compliment!

You take care and by all means be well.

Yours, as well ~~~~ Sara

12enjoy2 54M

2/28/2007 2:50 pm

OMG, so hot...amkes me want to put soem thigh high boots on and a corset and..well....

Smile, the sun will rise again tomorrow

Ucummfirst2 65M
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5/25/2007 5:07 am

Hi Karen , I just finished reading your story "I hope that this really happened"...Being bi I can relate to your love of hard cock , just wanted to say keep having fun....maybe we could play someday...Don

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