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6/13/2006 1:22 pm

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6/28/2006 3:35 pm

The Art Of Arousal...... the name of one of my favorite books about sex. It was written by Dr. Ruth with an art historian, and filled with painting and drawings from all over the world, from distant past to current times. I recommend it to anyone who loves beautiful erotica...

I do like 'porn' but sometimes a more subtle approach is far more exciting to me. This book has images of all kinds, some flat out naughty, but I find some of the ones I am most drawn to just suggest........


In other news...........I had a chat the other day with someone here that flat out pissed me off. All started the usual way......traded letters, met up online for a chat, talked about an hour, decided we might be compatible and discusses meeting. Well, due to scheduling, that wouldn't be able to happen for at least a week or two....and this is when it got weird.

He asked if I would call some 'adult chat line' and get a 'free' membership so he could use it. I could get one free if I was female......yadda yadda. The whole thing sounded fishy as hell, and I said NO. I was really put off at this point, so I tried to change the subject. He mentioned going out of I asked about that. Get this........attending a 'youth ministry conference'. So I ask.....what the hell are you doing here (AdultFriendFinder)????? 'Oh, they don't know anything about this!' Fucking hypocrite.....I hate that! While I don't know what exact group he is involved with, I bet I can guess what they're all about....anti-sex, anti-birth control, anti-women.........well I wouldn't fuck a two-faced conservative with someone else's pussy!!! Jerk..........

But other than that...things are great

The Art Of Noise! I haven't thought of them in on right

See ya......... Kali XXX

spacecadet561 59M

6/13/2006 3:23 pm

Congratulations on your literotic discovery. Congratulations also on flushing out a hypocrite. Then again, what kind of "youth" is he "ministering" to? Given the reports over the years about fallen clergy persons, maybe he's more in need of ministering to than fit to minister unto others.


Transblucency 44M

6/14/2006 10:24 pm

Yeah, that's just classic. I know it's ironic coming from a bisexual, but people should pick a side and stick to it. Damnit.

curvymeli 39F

6/19/2006 9:34 am

Hm, Kali, as a regular church-goer and choir member (who often sings solos so I am in the spotlight at church) I think you jumped the gun a little on ostracising that man for the conference he was headed to.

Just because I embrace Jesus and am an ACTIVE member of my church doesn't mean that I am a hypocrite or a fake. I struggle with my carnal desires, like anyone else, and don't feel that supporting a Christian doctrine for the youth of my church is wrong at all. As a matter of fact children need strict rules and regulations to believe in and adhere to until they get old enough to make the appropriate decisions based on their own beliefs, experiences, etc. And anti-sex, anti-birth-control, anti-women doesn't describe every church's beliefs.

By this post am I to believe that you think I should hide in the back of the church during services and run out when it's over? Or should I not go at all? Or that, as a human person that is prone to act like a human and drink sometimes, have sex on occasion, and do other un'Christian things I don't have the right to spread God's word?

I agree that the whole sex-line free thing was incredibly shady but I think you are too quick to judge about the religious aspect of this guy's behavior. I have been involved in many church youth programs and my sex life has nothing to do with them. My AdultFriendFinder life has nothing to do with them, either.

One of my closest friends is actually someone from my church I met on here. He was struggling with something and thought this was the place for him to be, he ended his membership shortly thereafter. As a single person looking for companionship are you telling me that because I am religious I don't belong here? Why?

Transblucency 44M

6/28/2006 7:47 am

Hey Curveymeli,

I suppose much depends on your personal outlook as well as that of your church.

Nut if it's a case of being seen to be saying one thing but then doing another, then that's a problem. In fact, it's a particularly ugly problem because the Christian doctrine goes out of its way to condemn the hypocrites, particularly religious ones, so this compounds the hypocrisy.

I am not calling you a hypocrite - I don't know you. But for many of us, aspects and avatars of your religion have become our persecutors, so it's natural to feel a little indignant when members of same said religion are making time with the condemned.

However, I do take your point that not all churches are the same, and I hope that you don't think anyone here is suggesting that religion should be divorced from sexuality, or even from this site. That would be ridiculous, and there's certainly a lot of flex to be had across Christianity, even if the protestant fundamentalists are the loudest. If you are a Universalist then there's much less obvious cause for tension.

I certainly would not say that someone couldn't be religious and on AdultFriendFinder - certainly not my business, and I assumed from what Kali was saying that the guy she's referring to is probably from a church with a fundamentalist foundation.

Nevertheless, of all the religions, I think Christianity and Islam probably sit the least comfortably with open practice of sexuality, though, just because the beliefs of these religions and the practices of this site are in locked in such tense orthagonality to each other. I don't envy you.

But you're OK by me (and I guess he is too) so long as you're not lecturing others on the importance of living a moral life, and that you are willing to stand up in public and defend the rest of us sinners against the hardliners.

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