One mystery solved!  

rm_kalisweet 47F
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7/13/2006 11:25 pm

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7/16/2006 9:28 am

One mystery solved!

A while back I posted about someone who had hit me up for a chat.......and who I had thought was possibly offering up a 13 year old child for sex.

Well, this person did it again tonight, and THANKFULLY he wasn't..........this fool is actually claiming to have a 13 inch dick! As if....but all's well that ends well........

The IM at this site is soooooo frustrating, but it seems to be where I meet the guys I like. Younger guys seem more likely to IM you than write. Met some nice ones there, actually.

In other news.....I am on a crash diet, to get into a very hot dress I have and want to wear to a wedding next week. Four pounds so far..... Diets are weird, and I should know as I have spent a big portion of my life on them, lol. The first couple of days are difficult, then I kind of get into a 'groove'. I lose my hunger, and am able to be good.........until a certain point, which I never know when will happen. This time I just want to get to next Friday, and get into this damn dress. It's like an obsession with me......I decided a long way back I wanted to wear this dress to this wedding, and nothing else matters. The world isn't going to end if I have to wear something else........but I'd really like to be able to wear it. It's one of those magical garments that I look so good in. And since the bride and groom are in their early 20s, I expect their will be lots of cute young men there. Hope Hope.

Wish me luck!!!

Kali XXX

curvymeli 39F

7/14/2006 12:00 am

Oh my goodness, well glad to hear about that (I remember the post)!

ugh, Diets. I can't diet. I'm really bad at it. I can't even take diet pills right bc I like eating and I don't like losing my appetite. Losing the extra me I've gained in the last three years, though? Really want that.

I finally started exercising pretty regularly....I'm really really bad at it and so out of shape, but I have doubled the number of laps I can do (swimming) in a week. I'll start working on the food thing...umm...

You're going to be HOTTT in that dress, and you deserve it for sticking to your guns with the diet.

Please send a little food motivation on my way...thanks!

UrFuckBud 60M
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7/14/2006 10:17 am

When I was younger I remember laughing at people whose weight bounced up and down.

Now I are one.

Need to find the balance, tired of shifting waist size up and down 5 inches. Guess I gotta get to the gym more often. And add more activity. (less computer time! )

Transblucency 44M

7/15/2006 12:02 am

Who's the lady in your post pic? It sort of looks like Jamie Hewlett's (Mr Tank Girl/Gorillaz) artwork.

The only thing that worked for me when I started to put on pounds that didn't just fall off again was finding a sport I actually cared about and enjoyed.

Now I can go and lift and not be bored, because it improves my performance in the hobby I really love. Before then, weights were an amazing chore that engendered the feeling that life is really too short for me to bother with them.

Good luck with the diet, nevertheless.

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