Just a quickie......  

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5/22/2006 3:15 pm

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Just a quickie......

I think I used up all of my writing for today. I had quite a few normal emails to write today, so now I'm here and not sure what to write about. Out of words????

I do want to post something so I can put up another pic of the Weasley twins........ I was at another blog where HP was mentioned, and I am always ready to indulge my twin fantasy.

Hmmm...now how would I want them? In proper school attire? Nice, yes..... That reminds me of something I really enjoyed. Last January I was in London visiting a friend, and we took a day trip out to Windsor. Eton, the very posh boys school is just across the river....and we ended up blowing off the castle tour and hanging around Eton mid-afternoon. Oh my my my........I was in heaven. Lots of lovely young men in tail coats. I took a lot of photos, pretending they were of the buildings....ha!

The other interesting thing was as we were going back up the High Street towards Windsor, I noticed a lingerie shop, so we peeked in. The window display was full of jeweled riding crops.......I had to laugh. Right next to the boys school. Yessir, get them started on their fetishes early. That's one of the reasons I love it there......

Kali XXX

P.S. Live for today, for this moment only. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come.

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