I have to laugh....  

rm_kalisweet 47F
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4/15/2006 4:19 am
I have to laugh....

I started this blog to basically have more exposure on the site, and for the first couple of days it seemed to be working. But views of my postings have really fallen, and it must be because my posts are boring! And I would have to agree...........lol.

I have been looking at other blogs, to get some ideas of what people use them for, and it looks like anything and everything. I'm not going to use this to detail my every experience/encounter from here......that's not my style and rather tasteless, IMO. Some things should stay private. I have, and will use this to bitch about clueless men! I'm the type that needs to rant sometimes, and maybe anyone reading this will get some idea of what behavior I find acceptable. But do those types read blogs?

As I was checking out the other blogs, I saw a posting where a young man was apologizing for saying 'older woman'....supposedly someone took offense. I don't think it's anything to be hurt over. Now, to refer to someone as an 'old woman', that's different. I actually saw that in someone's profile the other day, some poor guy looking for an 'old woman' to get 'freaky' with. Good luck to him, might be a long wait. Especially as his desired age range was 25-40, if I remember correctly. But then again, another woman may not find that offensive, where I did. Words, words.........they have a lot of power over us.

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