I hate to choose where to meet!  

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5/10/2006 3:22 pm

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I hate to choose where to meet!

Back when I was on here before, I had the greatest place to meet people I had met on here. It was a brew pub, about 15 mins from where I live, centrally located, right off the main highway so it was easy for anyone to get to. Laid back, easy going, I never felt uncomfortable going in on my own. Well, one night I had a very rude suprise.......I had arranged to meet a man there, but when I arrived it was completely dark. A notice on the door said they had lost their lease.........

I miss it, as I have not found anywhere I like as well. And the metro area here is big, so I meet people from all over and I try to make a date somewhere halfway for each of us. It seems to go that I am the one to choose where......and that's fine as a concept, helps my comfort level as a woman. BUT! I hate trying to pick somewhere, especially if I don't know certain areas all that well. Any place I have never been before is funny to me. I like familiarity.......even a Starbucks I've never been into seems weird...... I do have a list of local SB's, and I've met a couple of dates there. I'm supposed to meet someone tomorrow, and since he doesn't drink, I'll have to pick one from the list. But it's going to be a new-to-me one.....

I miss old Heavenly Daze....I really do!!!

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5/11/2006 3:29 pm


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