Having sex in London...the rest of the story.  

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6/5/2006 3:20 pm

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Having sex in London...the rest of the story.

Although I haven't felt motivated to do this, I should finish the post I started the other day. Not that anyone is clamoring to hear what happened, but I like things to be complete.

As quick as things turned from sad to happy for me, they just as quickly went a bit sour. The day before I flew to London he contacted me and said he couldn't pick me up at the airport, after all. I was arriving on a Friday morning, and the plan had been for us to meet at the airport, and then spend the weekend together at my hotel. That now was only going to be Friday evening....all these 'other' things had come up.

The flight, arriving in England, everything was wonderful. I was so excited...it was so green and moist and English!!! Haha......but it was and I was delighted. I could go on and on about absolutely everything, but I won't, lol. Anyway, my flight got to Gatwick about 7am, and I was able to get into Victoria by 9 or so. My hotel was right there, but I couldn't actually check in until 1pm.........I was tired and could have used a nap. I was meeting him that afternoon at 3:30.... But I wandered and explored and discovered how to use the Tube. Finally I was able to check in to my room and take a shower. Then the phone rang...it was him. To finally hear his voice....

Oh....I was tired and scared and nervous, but somehow I got ready, wearing my cute little black dress bought especially for this. I made it Leicester Square, trying to locate a place called All Bar One. I felt like a dork, despite the dress. I spotted the pub, and saw a man walk out and come towards me. He said hi, let's don't go in there, it's no good (?). Let's go over here instead

I've got to say now, he was lovely, and so handsome........

But why the hustle? Being me, and rather insecure, my first though was that he knew someone there, and didn't want to be seen with me. I don't know......

So we went to a pub called the Hogshead, and he bought us beers and I was soon very comfortable. easy to talk to, funny, charming...... we talked about everything. then about the time dusk was falling, he decided I should see some of the area. We left and wandered.....seeing the gates of Chinatown all lit up. The streets were so crowded, and I held his arm to not get seperated. I was so busy trying not to bump into people, he finally had to tell me to look up! The neon lights of Piccadilly Circus....wow!

I had earlier mentioned that one of my must do's for my trip was to vist a McDonalds, as I had heard they still deep fried their apple pies, as they quit doing here along time ago. So that's where we went, and I had my apple pie! Deep fried and crunchy...mmmmm

This is very long again.........so I'll stop for now. I'm getting a bit pissed off thinking about that night......I've never really decided how I feel about it. It was wonderful and horrible, but that mostly comes later. Let me toughen up and I'll write about another time....

Kali XXX

rm_pussy69234u 29F

6/5/2006 4:29 pm

Spill gal, spill. Wondering what would have made it horrible, sounds so good so far.

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