Can I rock your world???  

rm_kalisweet 47F
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9/1/2006 6:51 pm
Can I rock your world???

My sexual 'style'....if that is the right word....has always been a bit submissive. I like a strong man in charge; I am a strong woman and I want someone who can take control in the bedroom. It's the one time of my life where I don't have to be in's such a turn on.

But I am discovering something new about is a lot of fun to be in charge sometimes. I find that the whole 'dominance' thing isn't specific to age....many of the young men I have been with have been quite strong in the way I like. And yet........taking control and showing them 'new' things is very, very exciting............

I don't want a 'wimpy' type of guy........submissive guys turn me off. But a strong man who will let me take charge? Oh yesss.........

Kali XXX

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