an exploration - part one of ??  

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10/25/2005 9:32 pm

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an exploration - part one of ??

22... Recently dumped, and feeling lonely, this is the start of a blog to document where I was and my experiences on where I am going, where ever that might be...

Well, last week I got dumped. I mean, It wasn't bad, but you still cant prepare for the loss and heartbreak. I think I took the news oka, but as the same time, I couldn't help but shed a tear or three. This girl was one in a billion, but then again, they all are. Something about this one though....

We started out as friends, and on her 24th b-day her friend set us up on a date. We hit it right off. We kissed not much later, and it was electric! I tell you sparks showered... Well we were having a blast as a couple! Hell, she even decided to spend the night after only going out a few weeks, and I was trying to take it SLOW!

This girl was special, perfect round perky breasts, not large, but not anorexic, and the red hair to DIE for! What a looker. I wasn't big on public display's of affection, but with her, I wasnted everyone to know that this girl was MINE!

Well, a few weeks went by after that, and things started slowing down, i mean, i noticed , but i also didnt want to push her to dosomething she doesn't want to, i'm not an asshole.

So, i feel i am going to loose her, and try to take her out to a nice place, and really make a girl feel special, but no dice, i get maybe a peck on the cheek from her, and nothing, i mean, this is after she invited me over and we'd make out for hours, this is after she spent the night, and came 3 different times without me expecting anything in return, something happened and it was moving us BACKWARDS, well long LONG story short, she dumped me, and I was heart broken, even after only one and a half months....

So that brings me to where I am now, I am writing this here,.

I think why I joined AdultFriendFinder is because I don't think i want another relationship, not right now anyway, I want to feel like i can still play the dating game, but not expect anyome to get attached, or at least i dont want to feel attached, not yet.

so far after being a member for a few days, i am not sure wether it was worth it, but I have a few contacts, but unsure where those will wind up.. If they go anywhere be sure I will post them back here.

Sorry for any spelling errors and / or bad grammer


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