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8/19/2006 1:49 am

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9/5/2006 10:50 am

Man about town

My God, am I hung over. Woke up at noon still wankered and went for a lost and very sweaty! I'm going round to my director's house for dinner tonight so I'm going to have a massage and footrub see if it boosts me up.

Last night was weird. My director, his wife, his PA and a guy called Dave (there's ALWAYS a guy called Dave!) had dinner in the hotel. The ladies went home and we carried on drinking...and basically the guys just went on and on and on about the whores and girls that they fucked every day all over Asia and the incredible things they did with them. I should've enjoyed this but it made me sad. My director's wife is so beautiful and so kind...and he has daughters...Maybe I'm just naive and old-fashioned.

We went to a bar, I was on G&T and absolutely arseholed...and the girls were all over me. I was watching this Asian band who were belting out Queen and I was loving it, and these girls were just rubbing their tits on me and putting their arms round my neck and kissing my ears and stuff. It's not like Liverpool folks. Anyway, what was wrong with me? I didn't actually fancy any of them...and they weren't talking to I just had to ignore them! Why didn't I just take 3 of them back to my room? Why didn't I want to? Naive, old-fashioned and boring, that's how I felt last night.

I got back to the hotel...I wanted to play their piano...Liszt's Consolation, to soothe me and take my mind off silent, strange, willing girls..but I couldn't even see straight. I played nonsense for 2 minutes and then the manager asked me to go to bed. I went upstairs sobbing! No more gin for me.

Guys, is it really like this? I've been out of the dating game for 10 years! Is it merely a question of how much pussy you can get, from anywhere? If so, I've got some learning to do I suppose...maybe I'm just not used to having it all on a plate. Maybe I'll get used to it! But I lost some respect for my boss last night. I don't think I want to be that kind of man, however much I love sex. If you knew how sweet his wife was, you'd understand. Maybe she understands too. I just don't know. All I know is, this is a completely different world. I'm going for a swim and a massage...Wish me luck staying chirpy tonight! xxxx

gedthecoolman 36M

8/21/2006 9:25 am

it seems to me u have still have dignity..its sad i know..but the sad reality is. they just count fuck..and who they fuck..iam for one was one of them discussing how sweet and nice to fuck girls..the more merrier...but ive come to realized its not fair to my gf..and i wont feel the same was if she would do it to me!!! so fair play..well i know the feeling of saying no to many times after ive realized that its wrong..girls to flock around me..its sad to say no..but its after reading this made me realized.ive chosen a good friend.if u lose ur respect to ur gained my respect on urs...bec i care for u and ur speacial..when u go home...theres lots of g and t for

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