Lost in Translation - Singapore  

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8/16/2006 11:08 pm

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Lost in Translation - Singapore

Well here I am in Singapore - over here to meet my new Sales Director and MD of the Asia division, for which I will be something like Regional Manager. Doesn't that sound posh? hehe I even got myself some new Prada specs so I look the part.
I have only 4 words to describe everything about Singapore: "They've thought it through". Everything works, everything is clean, everyone is friendly, and the drinks are fucking expensive.

Have you ever felt yourself grow? (not in that way lads). Last night, I grew.

I got drunk with my director last night in some hotel, he jibbered goodnight and left me lost in town. Luckily I could see my hotel in the distance and struck out across a bustling and colourful labyrinth of late night noodle bars, kids on skateboards and pissed up ex-pats.
Crossing the bridge to Suntec City, there was music. Ohhhh God...In a bar, a live local band were performing 'Everybody's Changing' by Keane. My ex's favourite song. My ex Eve, my first love - we split up at Xmas after 9 years together. 'Everybody's Changing and I don't feel the same..' All of the lyrics fitted perfectly with the latent fears, regrets and hopes that were with me on that night of confusion - truly in that moment, that little Singaporean band was singing my life.

Looking out over the city that will soon be my home, and listening to those oh so familiar lyrics, I wanted to cry. But I didn't cry. Something else happened. I felt myself grow, inside. Grow out of doubt and loneliness, and something that felt like positivity crept up my spine and into my forehead. I let the song play out. My lip trembled, but I stepped forward, and felt as though I had crossed a mountain range.

Have you ever felt yourself grow? There's nothing like it, folks xxx

rm_margaret1986 30F

8/18/2006 5:17 am

well i think ive grown too..thanks for that nice entry..since ive split up with richard..and he beg me to come back..ive thought more than twice bring him back..all the hurt..loneliness he have me...looking back..when hes band was in tour..i was left here thinkin with hope..and trust..grow is when u know..ur safe with one person..u feel happy when u talk to them..growth is a feeling.."when ur alone..u where never be lonely again"..this is a line taken frm u mr john that ill cherish forever...so i felt myself the grow..xxx

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