The Picnic  

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The Picnic

Alden led Christoline along the twisting and turning pathway. He had heard of this place from a trapper in the village thay had just left. Christoline loved picnics, and she loved the deep forest. Just merely being outside energized her, but to be in the middle of the forest...

The pathway was easy to follow, tracks from every type of animal could be spotted here and there along it. It was an old forest with very little underbrush to be seen. The wide canopies of the trees blocked the sun from the smaller plants leaving everything below in a constant shadow.

As they rounded a bend they walked right into a glen. A light warm breeze blew causing the leaves on trees to dance and sway.
"This is Beautiful" Christoline said looking around and the majestic Oaks surrounding their picnic site.

Alden with blanket and basket in hand rushed to the sunlight, where he opened the blanket so it was captured fully by the Sun. He opened the picnic basket to start passing out the food, when he looked up and seen Christoline nearly radiating with the energy of this magical place.

Putting the food back in the basket, Alden stood and walked toward. He put his arms around her and together they moved in time with the leaves swaying in the trees. Time was of no concern for them out here. Neither of them new how long they danced nor did they care.

After sometime they ended their dance and went to the blanket to sit down and begin their meal. They were surprised to see the blanket still bathed in the Sunlight. The blanket was warm to the touch as they sat down next to each other. Alden then started passing out the food.

Christoline to the sandwich he offered her barely realizing he had given her anything. She just kept looking around her at the majestic scenery played out in here in their private world.

Alden sat admiring her hazel eyes as they would sparkle in the sunlight, her golden hair as it cascaded down the side of each cheek as she would turn this way or that. The soft smooth white skin of her face as the Sun glistened off of her.

He had been in love with her for as long as he had known her. A tear wet his eye as he sat there looking at her. She was so beautiful... he only hoped that he would be able to keep her happy for all times.

Christoline looked out into the forest taking in the scenery, loving this place more and more the longer she was there. She wanted to remember everything about this place, she knew that sometime in the future when she might be hurt this would be a great memory to have to take her out of that. She ate the sandwich mechanically barely realizing she was eating at all.

They each had a sandwich, and they drank a little mead. After a while Christoline turned toward Alden, she looked at him and smiled. "I love this place nearly as much as I love you".

"I love you as well my dear Christoline, I will cherish you always". Alden said taking her hand in his, he brought it up to his lips while keeping his eyes squarely on hers. Slowly he kissed the back of her hand. He then moved for a bit closer to her and kissed her wrist, never breaking eye contact with her. Then he kissed her forarm, and elbow, then her upper arm.

Christoline grabbed Alden by the head and moved closer to him, pressing hr mouth to his parted his lips with her tongue. They kissed for an eternity neither daring to breath for fear they might break contact. They hugged each other tightly while they sat on the blanket. Finally Christoline was moving backward, lying on the ground beneath him.

As their lips seperated Christoline was already working on freeing herself of her shirt, Alden had just pulled his up over his head loosing several buttons in the process. As Christolines shirt fell away her breast revealed themselves. They weren't large nor were they small being the size of a grapefruit crowned with perky brown nipples.

With his tongue he slowly licked the left breast while tracing small cirlces on her right one. He started at the nipples and worked his way down to the base and then around the breast he went again back up to the nipple.

After a few minutes he switched breast and repeated the same slow motion. Christoline moaned and gasped as Alden played with her. Her legs started to part so his body could rest between them rather than outside of them. She could feel his manhood pressed tight to her her lower parts as he layed on top of her.

With his tongue Alden traced a line from between her breast down to her navel. All the while he was removing her pants. As she lay naked before him he went down into her nether region breathing in her musky scent. With his tongue he parted her velvet lips. She was wet and hot.

Christoline felt her lips part and raised her hips in order to get a little more. Then Alden moved to her clit, with his tongue he teased her click moving it around and around, then he put it between his lips. Christoline moaned and bucked beneath him. Her legs closing around his head threatening to suffocate him one minute and splayed out wide the next.

After several minutes Christoline grabbed him by the head " I want you in me" she said nearly out of breath. Alden pulled his pants off releasing his manhood, already standing. Alden put one hand on either side of her and pressed the tip of him at her entrance. Slowly, inch by inch he penetrated her.

Christoline sighed and then moaned the further he went into her. Finally he hit bottom and she came. She shuddered underneath of him, her body convulsing around his pole as she climaxed. As she finished he slowly pulled himself out till just the tip was still inside.

Slowly he went in to the hild again, then out once again. With each thrust he sped up a little more till finally he was drilling her hard and fast. From her moans he could tell she was nearing another orgasm, and he could feel that he was getting closer and closer to losing his load.

Final she went over the edge and, Alden sped up and a little and then he too was shooting deep inside of her. They lay there entertwined for several more minutes bathing in their release. Hugging and kissing one another.

Finally Alden rolled off to the side of her and lay stretched out on his back. Christoline lay unmoving by his side, they slept the rest of that day. Not awakening until the moons light shone through the opening in the trees.

Christoline sat astride Alden body, her body glowing in the moonlight. "This time I get to be on top" She said smiling at him.

"Ok" Alden said with a knowing smile.

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