A true love lost  

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1/21/2006 9:22 pm

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A true love lost

She was my first
I hoped she would be my last.
We met in High School
many years past.

We weren't together through all this time
she had her roads to travel and I had mine.
We both found another to fill our voids
but they were short lived from lack of joy.

It was our ten year class reunion
when a knock was heard at my door
As I opened it up
there she stood.

From that day I swore I would never let her go
A lifetime awaited us a future to sow
Our marriage was comfortable
our love was complete

As the days marched on
and ran into years
I felt comfortable in her arms
and the life we had made

Little did I know
never did I see
The little things changing
that took her away from me.

She says her love for me is over
her emotional well run dry
All I feel is sadness
all I can ask is why

It was the little things
one can over look
a note saying I love you
or a picnic near a brook

A special weekend away
a card because it's today
A walk through a park
a movie after dark

Now she has gone from me never to return
twice in the same lifetime
This is almost more than I can endure
how could I have been so deaf, so blind...

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