A Good Morning Quickie Encounter  

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2/25/2006 7:02 am

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A Good Morning Quickie Encounter

It was about 7 in the morning and I had just gotten home from working the night shift. I checked the answering machine and heard her sexy voice. She said, "I dreamed about you all night. I'm gonna stop by for a quickie on my way to work....be ready". I didn’t have much time, so I quickly jumped in the shower, then tossed on my bathrobe and laid down to conserve energy…I was pretty tired.

I dozed off for about 15 minutes before I heard a knock at the door. It was her; the tall, leggy, green-eyed blonde I’d been seeing for the last six weeks. I stumbled across the room to open the door. She pushed her way inside and said, “I haven’t been able to get you off my mind. I gotta have you right now”. She dropped her bag at my feet then promptly dropped to her knees in front of me.

She opened my bathrobe and took my cock into her mouth. I closed my eyes as her tongue rolled over the head. Then I felt the full warmth of her mouth as she took me deeper. My cock grew rock hard within seconds. She knew exactly how I liked it…warm and wet, with just a slow gentle stroke of her hand. It was hard to believe she couldn’t give head for shit when I first met her. I guess practice and communication makes perfect.

She and I had a little joke at the time. If she could take my full length of my cock in her mouth, I’d marry her. She tried hard, but never could quite fit all of me in there. However, within a few minutes she had me on the brink of climax. I wanted to let it go, but knew that wouldn’t be fair. I pulled her away from my throbbing cock and helped her to her feet. I spun her around and leaned into her until her back was against the wall. We kissed passionately as I opened the buttons to her over coat.

Her coat opened slowly as I unfasten each button. To my surprised and delight, she only had on a bra and panties. I ran my hand over her breasts and down her sides, then made my way between her legs. Her panty was soaked. I slipped a finger under the material. She let out a moan as my finger eased its way inside her.

Our lust was animalistic as I kept her pinned against the wall. We kissed for several moments then I moved my mouth to her neck. She loved the feel of my tongue against her sensitive skin while I massaged her clit with my fingers. She came hard several times. With every climax, she’d clinch her legs tight against my hand; her hips grinding as my finger worked her clit. With each climax, her juices would drip down her perfect thighs. It was amazing how wet she got. That’s when she said, “fuck me, fuck me now, I want you inside me”.

I hated to break the momentum, but I had to go get a condom. As I ran into the bedroom for that, she slipped out of her coat and let it fall to the floor. When I got back, she had slipped out of her panty and was bent over the couch. Her ass was a perfect heart shape, firm and tan. Her ass was a sight to behold. I slipped the condom on, gave my cock a couple strokes and stepped up to her. I dipped the head into her wetness, then ease back…then forward a bit more. She loved the way I penetrated her. I took my time. With each lubricating stroke, I go a bit further inside her. With each stroke I’d give her another inch of my throbbing cock, then slide back then forward again. She’d moan louder and louder, til I was buried deep. I could feel her warmth squeezing against my thickness as I tried to get all of me inside her. She let out a little yelp when I went too deep, but she loved being completely filled. She always said it was a “good pain”.

Once she was good and ready, I began to thrust a little harder into her until we had a nice steady rhythm. She felt so good, it was all I could do to keep from exploding. I grabbed her hips and guided them to me as I pumped faster and deeper. She started cumming again and screamed loudly. I felt her wetness on my balls as they slapped into her. I rocked her hard and furiously for several minutes; my orgasm was building. It was gonna be good. She screamed, “cum for me baby, cum now”! I drove every inch into her deeply and unloaded. She yelled, “oh my god, oh my god, I’m cumming…cum with me, cum with me”! And I did. My body shook intensely, as wave after wave of orgasmic spasm surged through me. We bathed in several moments of orgasmic bliss as our climax slowly subsided. I collapsed on top of her; kissing her neck and gently stroking her body.

Right about then, she looked at the clock and said, “shit, I’m gonna be late for work”. I pulled out and she grabbed her bag and dashed into the bathroom to clean up and get dressed. She left me hanging , so I had to wash my cock at the kitchen sink…hehe. Anyway…a few minutes passed and she came from the bathroom dressed and looking as professional as ever. She put on her coat and I walked her to the door. We kissed again and embraced.

As I opened the door she said, “hey, what are you doing for lunch? If you’re up for it, I’ll be back at noon”.

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