Runner's knee, insanity, and faith - part 1  

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11/18/2005 2:36 pm

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Runner's knee, insanity, and faith - part 1

A quick history of my past few months, for those it may concern:

I had this great job for almost two years. As a top salesperson, I made bank. As the sneaky and worthless little weasle that I am, I made connections with most of the big people and departments, ended up leading a committee, and finding myself on the sure path to advancement.

Summer was ending. I was just starting to get back into my outdoor running habit (i had gotten pretty lazy during the summer heat).

I got home from running, feeling good, and my roommate told me that I was unemployed.

The company I had worked for employed 300 people, and all of them were now unemployed. Absolutely no warning. It was more like "We just thought you should know, we've been spending your payroll on new patio furniture and gold doorknobs. Now the bank thinks they own our property, and all of you will have to leave quickly. If the press tries to ask you questions on your way out, you should smile and tell them you truly enjoyed getting fucked."

When I found out about this, I responded the way any level-headed American would. I got stoned. This was the first time in over six months that I had gotten high.

After I got stoned, I immediately got drunk. I repeated this process regularly for about two months (so much for getting back into running).

It was ok though, because it turned out that the government wanted to pay me the same salary I had been making for about the next 5 months. And all I had to do was hang out with all my unemployed friends and smoke weed.

For a little while, this seemed like a win/win situation.

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