Speak of the Devil...  

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5/30/2006 9:41 pm

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Speak of the Devil...

I no more than posted that last post when the text came across my phone - "gonna come see me". Knowing the way we had been texting back and forth the last couple days there was double meaning in that sentence. A quick shower and I was off to RC to see what the night might have in store. We met for dinner and a couple beers downtown - it was a beautiful evening and I was horney as hell.
While driving down she called to ask where to meet, I suggested a place then asked her if she had any toys. She said she didn't really have anything - "do we need to go shopping?" she asked. I happen to be a big fan of toys in the bedroom and I never miss a chance to go shopping with a lady so I quickly agreed. "Should we stop before we eat or after?" she added - I told her after, otherwise I would be totally distracted during dinner, besides we could discuss what to purchase over a beer.
A couple of beers and a quick bite and talk quickly moved to sex.
"You kept saying you were going to do nasty things to me - what are they?' she asked.
"Many of them involved the hottub" I told her, "I really like playing in the tub" I added.
"Hmmm, maybe I ought to spring for a jacuzzi suite somewhere" she purred

How can a guy refuse that.

After downing a few beers we headed to VBs to browse their selection. She asked what I might have in mind. I had been "turned on" to - literally - the waterproof jelly vibrators - fun for all occasions and locations if you know what I mean. She picked out a rather interesting looking one that curved sharply at the head and the shaft was covered in rows of tiny studs. All I could do was grin at the image in my mind of using this little gem on her later.
She paid for that and some flavored condoms - had to try them out, then she told me to meet her across town at a local motel that she knew had a decent suite. When I arrived she was just finishing check-in and we went around to the back side to our room. Perfect - tub in a room by itself and a kind sized bed. She started to fill the tub and I realized I hadn't picked up any beer - I ran across the street quick and when I got back she was just getting ready to hop in.
What a sight!
Here is where I have to tell you she IS the hottest woman I have ever been with -
Just over 5 feet tall, 110 lbs +/-, late 20s, 36C/34D tits that are just fucking amazing, and a sexy look you only find in pornos.
We started with a little kissing and touching - I sat her up on the edge of the tub to get better acquainted
He neatly trimmed pussy was soaking wet. I gently ran a finger along her lips and moved in to run my tongue across her clit. I had nearly forgotten how good her sticky wetness tasted! I turned her around and bent her over the edge of the tub - she told me that the only anal sex she had ever had was with me some years ago, but she did really enjoy rimming. I took the opportunity to run my tongue along her beautiful ass and dart in and out a couple times. I could tell by the response that she hadn't been just telling stories. After a few minutes of that, she spun around and said "your turn". Now I sometimes really get off on a woman eating my ass - and this was definitely one of those times. She first ran a soap bar along my ass and cock and the rinsed and started a slow stroke on my cock while tonguing my ass. There is something to be said for giving in to a woman you trust and letting them play. When I could not take it any more I spun around and she quickly took my member in her mouth. Now the last couple women I have dated would give blow jobs - mainly to appease me - this one LOVES Cock! There really is no comparison when a cock lover gives you a blow job - Fucking amazing!

Have to leave you with this for now - Part II to come - when we moved into bed!

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