Shift gears  

rm_justforfunsd 46M
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5/29/2006 3:40 pm
Shift gears

Last night did not materialize. By the time she go free to play, lack of sleep from the night before and the weather combined to suggest we put off "play time" until later in the week.
In reading several Blogs - I often wonder what sent people to AdultFriendFinder and what they are looking for. Some it seems just want a forum to express a little sexuality while others seem to enjoy venting about their condition. In case you are wondering, I am looking to hopefully meet some friends that are intelligent and sexy - and more than a little naughty.
I have not yet decided which way to proceed with this blog - I know I don't want to be one of those whiners I catch once in a while - I guess maybe I will share a few thoughts and fantasies and see where this whole thing takes me, and maybe I will be able to entertain a few of you along the way.


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