Post-Traumatic Waxing Thoughts  

rm_justeunfille 56F
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6/15/2006 6:50 pm

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6/15/2006 9:41 pm

Post-Traumatic Waxing Thoughts


Ok - I admit, I have had bikini waxes before. Once mind you, I even had a full-monty done (ouch doesn't even come close to express the pain I experienced that day).

But, back to where I am going w/this...when nervous, I have a tendency to escape to humor isms and try and go with the flow.

Well - the thoughts I was having during my wax event today varied, but the one that comes to mind at the moment, is that these gals that wax our "don't-cha-touch-its" (sorry folks - this is slang I inherited from my mom, bless her heart) "sees" me in ways that only my guy or gynecologist would normally see.

And I know for a fact, that my gyno never positioned me in the way I was today to get to particular problematic areas, nor do I think by guy come to think of it! It was then that I got tickled, and started snickering between the gasps of pain as she yanked my hair out...


...the things we do....

digdug41 49M

6/15/2006 8:24 pm

yes the things you ladies go through it amazes me I dont think I'd do it so if I were a gurl then my guy would have to deal with the nappy dug out

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rm_justeunfille 56F

6/15/2006 8:33 pm

too true.. seriously, we gals (most of us anyway).. remove hair from like everywhere, spend gobs of dough on our do's, our nails, makeup (well, I don't "do" lots of makeup).. but you get the point...etc...etc...

What I am happy to see is more men taking care of their nails... men should all be getting mani's and pedi's... attention to detail fellows.. attention to detail

LustyTaurus 48M  
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6/15/2006 9:30 pm

I recently shaved Big Jim an the twins to see how it would change things...I posted about it...OMG the itching a day later...LOLOL!!

I seriously don't think I could wax...

rm_justeunfille 56F

6/15/2006 9:41 pm

lol.. "dude" didn't anyone ever tell you.. we girls are far far tougher than we look.. but, men are getting waxed in the southern hemisphere these days as well.. my gal does them.. and I thnk you dudes have far more hair to manage then we do.. thus, the question you have to answer, is where to stop? My god, some of you got the stuff from your lips to your toes, with no break along the way, and stuff coming out of your ears and down your backs.....

(just teasing).. but some of you do! damn....*(try nair next time.. may be easier for you to the stuff for bikini line)

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