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2/16/2006 11:08 am

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Hello fellow "Freakies" or maybe Hale and Well Met all other wayward souls.My name is,well unimportant, but my freinds call me Roley. You can call me whatever makes ya feel good cuz I cant fuckin hear ya anyway. Like the title says I'm new at this so excuse any unintentional "Dumbassness",and feel free to offer any advice to enhance the blogging experience for all involved. I have checked out a few posts and I figured I'd give it a shot, at least it it gives me somewhere to clean out some of clutter in my head,I ran out of room a long time ago so my mind is a messand I hate it when I cant find something that I know I put in there. So every once in awhile I'm gonna jot down some random silliness or ideas that are gettin out of hand in an hopes of bringin some order to my mental chaos,and possibly gettin some insight into things that have been cloggin up my head.

Things like:
How and when did we allow the assholes to outnumber the Good People?
Why should you care whats "politically correct",unless your a politician?
If you cant be yourself shouldn"t you get to pick who you get to be,or atleast get a list of options to choose from?
If you get accused of being "Fucking Stupid",and it can be confirmed by three or more people who aren't you should have to wear a tinfoil hat at all times until you can be fixed.
Why is everything fun either illegal or immoral?Who are the people that get to make that call,and if we kill them wouldnt you get away with it cuz they wouldnt be there to tell on you,and nobody else would cuz they seen what happened to the last "snitchin bastards"?

Anyway shit like that.Its open for debate,let me know what ya think cuz it feels good to empty some space in your brain just so you can fill it up with new shit.You dont want to be empty headed.

See Ya

saddletrampsk 54F

2/16/2006 12:34 pm

I think you are gonna have alot of fun here..welcome to blogland sweety..

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