Plymouth Rocks!  

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5/16/2005 9:17 am

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Plymouth Rocks!

I get a kick out of history and its interpretation.
People constantly credit our founding fathers with this moral superiority.
What did they mean when they included religious freedom among the basic tenets of our Constitution? Did they mean that everyone had the freedom to practice whatever religion they chose? Hell no. "They" were a bunch of middle to upper class white male deists who wanted the freedom to practice "their" religion, which was essentially no religion at all. They were not Christians. They didn't mean for the Jews, Muslims, Christians or anyone else to have any particular rights. They were business men who grew up in a puritanical environment, hated it, and got tired of everyone giving them a hard time and trying to interfere in their affairs. They didn't believe that any religion had a place in government. Thus, they established a Democracy.

The Puritans - Contrary to popular belief (the Schoolhouse Rock version), the Puritans didn't exactly decide one day that they'd had enough and pack their bags. The fact is, Britain basically kicked these nutjobs out! They were these annoying religious zealots who ran around pissing everyone off. The Puritans were not a whole lot of fun at parties, were not avid followers of fashion, and weren't very tolerant of people who didn't wear buckles on their hats and shoes. Can I have a "Yea, verily." This bunch didn't show up on America's shores with a vision of a nation made up of different ethnicities and religions. They envisioned a nation of tee-totaling, right wing, ultraconservative, and oppresively boring and stifling white people with names like Temperance, Chastity, Faith, and Prudence. As Garrison Keillor put it to the Senate, the Puritans "arrived here in 1648 in the hope of finding greater restrictions than were permissible under English law at that time." This is the direction we are moving towards with our friend W. and his religious right cohorts. This is exactly what our founding fathers did not want. Theocracy.

Should we proud of our puritanical origins? Do you think the British would be happy if we send our religious extremists over to them? I'm sure we have some extra radical, Christian white supremacists floating around in Oklahoma or Texas that we could ship over.

These inflammatory remarks are brought to you by nonexistant group NORM, the National Olfactory Reform Movement. We are here, because something stinks!

Comments will be received in the same unbiased, disinterested, and anti-alarmist manner in which the post has been written. Like myself, any contributors are welcome to wholly ingnore facts in their quest to sway the unwashed masses.

rm_Elysia2005 43F
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5/16/2005 4:34 pm

Ya know... I like you more every time I read ANYTHING you write... *sigh* What a horrible, cruel twist of fate...

rm_morefutility 37F
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5/16/2005 6:43 pm

I certiantly am proud of my puritanical roots, and yes you can get a Yea Verily! Where else but a puritanically driven haven could the ruthless pursiut of money at the expense of everything but, have flourished? Here in the grand U.S. of A we are truley working for the King of Prussia. What is not to love about a bureacratic martinet?

missy97330 47F

5/16/2005 11:39 pm

"Rockin' and a-rollin', splishin' and a-splashin',
Over the horizon, what can it be?
Looks like it's going to be a free country.."

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