Quickie anyone?  

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10/2/2005 4:50 am

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Quickie anyone?

I know a lot of women hate quickies and feel they can't get off without more attention and foreplay. I love foreplay as much as anyone, but I also enjoy quickies. My best so far...

As lunch time approached, my pussy signaled its need for attention, throbbing with a familiar deep ache. I closed the door to my office, typing my AdultFriendFinder password with my left hand while my right rubbed my swelling clit through my panties.

My mission: find a local cock in the next 20 minutes that was close enough to service me. Thank god for the internet. I don't usually hook up with guys in their early 20's but my clock was ticking.

Johnny messaged me within 15 seconds of my entering the chat room. My hastily modified profile worked: "my wet pussy needs the immediate attention of a hard cock in mission valley" No time for small talk or subtlety.

I slipped off my panties before leaving the office. As we each drove the short distance to Fiesta Island, we listened to one another masterbating on our cell phones. "Is that you" Johnny asked, letting me know he was in the van behind me as I pulled off the road and drove slowly onto the beach, parking halfway to the shore.

When I got in his van, my knees weakened at the site of his thick, hard cock. He was slowly stroking the length of his shaft. Precum glistening its swollen head. We fucked like dogs in the back of his van, moving from position to position until we both came. I licked his sweet cock goodbye, slipped my skirt back on and was back at the office with 5 minutes to spare.

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