And now...for something completely different....  

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5/3/2005 12:48 am

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And now...for something completely different....

Well for those of you not in the the part of the country we love to call home, the fallout of the bride with cold feet is now moving to the penalty phase. That is, do we give her a felony or a slap on the wrist, and how much should she be sued for to pay for city/county expenses. One question I'd like to know the answer to...since I do pay taxes to the fair county...who was paying for all of these officials salaries while they spent the day appearing on every news program? Last I checked, it ain't in the job description to be on Today, GMA, etc., etc., etc. when you are the county D.A.. And though, as I stated previously, she could have handled it better, last time I checked it was the in the job description of a police force to investigate and assist. I mean, what's next, when officer's pull over speeders they calculate the time it took them to sit there and point the radar gun, pull you over, run your ID, and write the ticket and then bill you for the salary??

You know, I may have to alter this next observation when they become teens, but regardless of how bad a day I had/am having, I've got twin 4.5 year old boys that can just make anything aggravating in life melt away when those lil' smiling faces come bounding in the house. It's amazing to see the world through their eyes, and it ain't too bad that to them, the old man is one step below the big guy. I know, I know, that certainly won't last, but for now, I'll take what I can get.

The good news was that yesterday, got not a single new e-mail from anyone wanting my credit card...the bad news is there weren't any e-mails from anyone, period! Oh well...guess I still have my freindly blog. By the way, I notice on my home page that I've started accumulating "points". Anyone have an idea of what these are, why I'm accumulating them (certainly not a factor of people e-mailing), and where I can cash them in...cus if I can go to Publix and get free milk or soda, that would be great!

Remember everyone...this Sunday is Mom's day...the good cards are going fast!

And that's my opinion...I could be wrong...

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