I told them so ...  

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6/15/2006 8:42 pm
I told them so ...

... sometimes I hate being right. There are times when I am correct in a belief or idea or prediction and when I am proven right ... I'll gloat to the heavens. But times like this ... well it's just somewhat of a let down.

The story ...

We met a couple on night for dinner. Just a meet and greet to see if we could get along. They were nice. She was a bit shy and the oldest of the 4 of us. He is a bit ... well to be honest ... larger than I might be attracted to, but he had great eyes and was not as shy as she was. He was also the youngest of the 4. Dinner went very well and we maintained on-line communication's. Shortly after meeting them they went out of state and a second meeting had to be delayed for a while.

The second meeting was at their home. A bbq and more get to know you chatter. We learned a bit more about their past and how they got together. Dick and she were attracted to each other ... that was plain to see. She and I were getting along great as women and new friends. But I didn't get the correct 'vibes' from him to indicate that he may be interested in establishing a sexual relationship.

Their story ...

Short and to the point ... She was in her second marriage ... the first one had been abusive. Her self esteem wasn't what it should be. She and he started chatting on-line. They chatted for well over 5 years. He eventually convinced her to come live with him. She did ....

Now, I know that was rather sketchy and left a lot of the detail out that some of you may want. But that's all you are getting.

Back to us ...

We left from the second meeting feeling good about her. So much so that I told Dick that if he and she got together, that would be fine with me. I liked her enough to be able to hang out with her as a friend. I also told him that I didn't think I was his type. Over the next few days we chatted with her quite a bit. She did her best to assure me and Dick that yes her guy was attracted to me, and was indeed interested in establishing a swapping relationship. Keep in mind that at this point ... while we had been talking to her just about every day ... we still hadn't heard squat from him.

A third gathering at their place. Coffee and desert and serious talk. The only thing that got cleared up was ... that I was okay with not having them as swapping partners ... and that I was more than willing to let Dick and her play around ... and that I liked her as a person and we were planning on going out and doing "girl" things. Still no idea what he thought about anything. Still, on our on-line chats ... she tried to press that he was indeed interested.

She and Dick got together. Had a wonderful time. She and I got together and had a lovely girls day out. Friendship can now claim to be established.

A plan to go over to their home during one of his off days ... fell thru. I was supposed to go and it would be just us. No spouses around to make anyone nervous and we could get things out in the open. Didn't happen.

Talking with her on-line I learned that he was trying to set up a meet and greet with another woman off of here. I had to laugh and then think about how I could find out who she was. I mean, despite what she was saying ... I KNEW that he was not interested in me. I wanted to know the type he was interested in. Just me being nosy.

So, I went in to talk to Dick (who also happened to be chatting with her) Told him that I had a theory about who he might be interested in. I think I knew why I didn't attract him.


He's into "Saving the damsel". And I am not a woman who needs saving from anything. Dick thought about it for a moment and said that I might have a point. So between the two of us ... with Dick chatting with her .. he flat out asked

"Who is he chatting up? I've talked to a lot of women from AdultFriendFinder, maybe I've chatted with her."

She replied ... "It's so-and-so"

We fell out. Yes Dick has indeed chatted with her. Matter of fact, Dick set up a meet and greet with her. She never showed. No great loss. However! The fact that he is chatting her up ... and knowing about Dick's conversations with her ... It lends weight to my theory ... he is into "Saving the damsel". 'Cause this lady he is talking to now ... she is seriously off the wall and would be attracted to someone who could "save her from her hectic life".

Now that I can write him off the 'couples' list. Dick has a least found a play-mate and I have made a good girl friend. I can relax about trying to get him to open up and just accept him as a friend as well. I will have to do something about him telling her that he does find me attractive in a sexual way however. It bothers her that he and I haven't gotten together.

She hasn't realized that, while I might be physically appealing to him ... My personality is not attractive to him. LOL I scare him to put it simply. He doesn't know how to deal with a woman who doesn't "need" him to "save" her.

Now ...

Why do I dislike being correct in this situation?

Because now I'm wondering about their relationship and just how much longer it might last. I mean, think about it. She is now out of the situation that she needed saving from. She is getting out more and making friends. Her "need" for him is going to lesson. Will he be able to handle that?

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