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Dick and Jane privately

Honey, I would like us to try something.

What's that?

Spouse swapping.


I would like us to try spouse swapping. Maybe even find out if you are interested in women in a sexual way.

I don't know about this idea.

Oh, come on. Think about it. I think about it all the time. I found this great web site I would like us to join.

Well, let me see it.

(a few days later)

What do you think of the web site?

Very interesting. But we can't see any of the profiles. Some of the stories are good though.

We can get a 3 month membership and try it out.

Okay. What makes you think you want to try swapping?

Well, see, I have this --- well, this fantasy...


I would like to see you get gang banged.

You having sex with several guys at the same time?

Yes. That is something I would like to see.

(a few days later)

Well, I still don't know for sure about this. But I have to admit that the idea is intriguing. I do enjoy the groups and the blogging that can be done on this site.

Why don't we see about meeting a couple. See how it goes? You pick.

(a few days later)

Honey, I've been chatting with this guy. Why don't we meet him and his wife. Look here is their profile.

Okay, set it up.

(the meeting goes well. conversation is good. even if no sexual relations occure the two women and Dick think they may have at least found a couple to hang out with.)

I've decided I like this idea of yours.

You have?

Yes. Let's meet with Dick and Jane again. And I think I might have started chatting with another couple that might be worth meeting.

(days later)

Honey? Have you been seeing Dick behind my back?


Never mind. What do you think about having a baby?


You and I. We have yours and mine. Lets have ours! I'm also thinking that maybe we should rethink the swapping thing.

In speaking with Shirley, we learned of this transaction between she and Shane. While the actual conversation has been narrowed down to the basics, I think you get the gist of how things are going in that househould.

Sometimes couples amaze us. One member wants to get into the life-style. Talks the other into it. The one talked into it decides that it may actually be a good idea and starts to get very interested. The one who originally had the idea gets cold feet!

Come on now people!

Just what kind of games are you playing at? Another couple tossed out the window.

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