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People always ask what my Greatest Sexual Fantasy is!

Submitted for your approval!

We meet in that little, quiet bar around the corner. We've spoken a little prior to this meeting. Anticipation is high! I walk slowly through the door. I scan the room. There you sit in the corner booth, per my suggestion. I know it's you in a instant. Not by the red rose on the end of the table. But by the perfume you wear! Romance! Very suggestive!

I lock eyes with the table and walk toward it with a slow, but intensional purpose. I can't see your face yet. I can see your wearing that tight, very short, blue dress you said you would wear. With just a slight bit of the lace on your thigh high stockings showing. Your legs are electric in that silk! They are lightly crossed with a wonderful high heels covering you feet. You definitely understood I love a woman in heels.
My eyes move up slowly taking in every curve of your body in that dress. They say a dress can make a woman. I say you "made" that dress.

You stand up at my approach. You are a vision! A lyric rolls through my mind, " You are a magnet and I am steel." We embrace! Your body is as electric as I thought. Your scent is intoxicating! We kiss lightly. Your breathe in my mouth is delicious! I almost don't want to stop. My self control adjusts itself. You smile with a glimmer in your eye.

We sit down. Drinks are ordered. Then the world around us fades. It's just you and me in the room. We talk and laugh for hours. Light innuendo is peppered throughout the conversation. Anticipation builds! You grab my hand. Your look says it all. The checked is paid and we wisk into the night.

On the walk back. I grab you and pull you close! We kiss. Soft at first. Then it builds with passion. Light exploring begins. The pace to the room quickens. Once inside, the exploring begins where it left off outside!

You look at me. Lust is written in your beautiful face. I know you see the same in mine. We start to undress each other. Kissing and teasing every newly exposed body part. Your nipples are firm. I tease them with my tongue. I feel the shiver run through you. I work my way down your stomach to thighs and back up to your Silky panties. I lightly kiss your pussy through the silky material. More shivers now with a light moaning. The scent from you has me aroused to insane levels! I lightly pull them down. Beautiful! The only way I can describe it! I kiss all around it. Around your thighs. I lightly slip my tongue inside. Your moans become louder! You grab my hair. You have me look up. "To the bed." is all you say.

You lay down. I open your legs and kiss down your thighs to your pussy again. Now I go down with building intensity. Your moans turn louder building to almost screams. You rithe on the bed. Till...You cum. You are so wet and I am so hard! You announce, " Your turn!". With that glimmer in your eye you roll me on my back.

You kiss down my chest to my cock. You smile at me as you lick it up and down the shaft. You tease me more until... you take it in your mouth. my eyes roll into the back of my head. You go down on me and have my moaning, now! Kneading my balls with one hand lightly! It begins to build and build. I so ready to cum. Your look tells me you know. I as I am about to explode, you take me into your mouth all the way. I cum harder than I ever have!! Yet you keep teasing!

You climb up to me. We begin to kiss and explore anew! I'm hard again and you are still so wet! I spread your legs again. I insert myself into you slowly and deeply. The pace gradually quickens. The dirty talk is flowing like wine. Touching, kissing and moaning! I stop! I tell you to turn over. I rest my hands on your firm ass. I'm inside you again. We are building to the moment. I can feel playing with your clit and my balls. Suddenly you scream! You cum hard!! My excitement is at it's peak! I cum hard and loud!

We fall into pile on the bed! Breathing is heavy! We are still touching! We pull our seat covered bodies close to each other. Breathing each other in! Recooperating for the next!!

There is one of many! Let me know what you think! Be honest!


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8/9/2005 7:23 am

She kisses his neck, then licks his sweat from her lips. Blowing softly in his ear as his body shudders, she leans in and whispers, "I wonder how my pussy tastes on your cock?" She kisses him slowly, occasionally slipping her tongue into his mouth, then pausing, to tease him and make him beg for more. The kiss becomes deeper and more passionate, she loves the way his lips feel upon hers and wishes the kiss would never end. Her breath is hot on his skin, she begins to make her way down to his perfect rod. The scent of them together, makes her instantly wet and she begins to taste her juices still lingering on him. She takes him deeper into her mouth, licking every bit of sweetness from his bulging cock as it stretches her mouth wider again and again. She loves his dick sliding in and out of her mouth, and would suck it forever if he would let her. She looks into his eyes as she takes him all the way into her mouth, the way he looks at her as he watches is so hot she could cum right there. He reaches out his hand and brings her to her feet. He kisses her breasts, encircling each nipple with his tongue, he gives a slight pull as he releases from them. Her nipples stand at attention, her body shivers. He slides a finger into her and discovers her pussy is soaked with desire for him. He slides two fingers in and starts to work her pussy good, she is trembling throughout her body as he keeps her just on the edge of coating his entire hand with her sweet juices. He pulls his fingers from her and brings them to his lips, tasting her nectar, then to her lips as he watches her lick them clean. He plunges his fingers back into her and teases her again, working them back and forth till they are once again coated. This time rising to kiss her, he slips his fingers into their mouths, allowing them to taste of their passion while engulfed in their kiss. Her state of excitement is almost too much for her and her knees become weak. He lays her back on the bed and slides his tongue up her wet slit, finding her precious little nub. He licks it gently, then slips two fingers into her and sucks her clit lightly. Her legs begin to shake and she moans with more pleasure than she has ever known. Her body is shaking uncontrollably now and her head is swooning in a blind state of bliss, she must have him inside her. She reaches for him and begs him to fuck her. He complies and assumes the position over her, he pushes her legs back, exposing her wet pussy to the cool air. He presses into her and she feels his thick cock stretch her pussy, she almost cums immediately. Once his pole is completely coated with her sticky wetness, he pumps into her faster and deeper. She leans up to watch as he slides in and out of her, the view is so hot, she drops back onto the bed and reaches for her clit. She begins to rub little circles around it and he encourages her to keep playing with it while he watches. Her pussy starts to clamp down and tighten as it prepares for the ultimate release. Her breathing is heavier and faster now and she begins to pant. The pleasure builds and builds till it can not be restrained any more, and she screams, "Oh my God, Baby.....I'm gonna cum!" Her sweet box squeezes and contracts around his fat cock over and over and over again, milking his own explosion closer and closer to the surface. Her body finally starts to relax and he is ready to blow..........He pulls his dripping meat from her and shoots his load over her body, covering her breasts and stomach, leaving just enough to drip out onto her swollen clit as his throbbing cock comes to rest between the soft confines of her shaven lips. Once again they collapse into a sweaty, cum covered heap. They lay together, bodies interwined to rest and lie in wait till the passion is ignited once again.

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8/9/2005 4:34 pm

Thanks Jezebelle! I'll try better next time!

rm_jr0428 43M
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8/9/2005 4:36 pm

Jeez! Outshined in my own fantasy! By a much more talented writer, though! So I don't feel so bad! Your story seems familiar lapkin. HMM!

Lapkin4u 42F

8/10/2005 4:34 pm

Hmmmm....maybe I have a muse of my own? *WINK* *WINK*

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