Bald, Trimmed, or Retro? What's your type?!  

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8/19/2005 7:57 pm

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Bald, Trimmed, or Retro? What's your type?!

What is it about Friday night! My Blog craving comes on!(Did I just say come!!!?) Well my marlboros' lit! Time to write!
(Hope everybody likes my new name for my blog site!!)

I was recently discussing One of my Little brothers sexual conquest!( By discussing I mean he INSIST!! on telling me about it!!) And we got on the subject of a woman lovely nether regions!(For the layman, I mean Pussy!) Most woman my brother will have sex with are shaved bald! Actually he prefers it!? Now I'm no prude(Not even slightly!! ) But this piqued my curiosity!

My brother is 19. Now he tells me most girls his age are shaved bald! (Among other things they do easily now, that I begged for when I was that age!) After talking with a couple of his buddies, They agree! ????

Now My preference is more to the well manicured or runway type of trim! I had the full blown, all natural, bordering on the need for a Afro pick! Also the smooth, bald type!

The problem with the Fro' is getting it caught in you teeth or the back of your Throat!
Back me up on this Ladies! I'm sure a man with hairball sausage does the same for you!! (Gack! Gack!)

The bald is nice for a visit, right when it's done! But a day or so later! Porcupine Attack!!!
(It burns! It burns!)

So Here's the question!

Gentlemen: What is your preference?

Ladies: What is your preference? And What do you prefer for yourself?!

And before you ask...Yes! I trim it!

Just want to know!


Lapkin4u 42F

8/23/2005 7:27 am

LOL I think I will keep my choice a secret. Hahahahahaha!

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