My first appointment...  

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9/16/2005 8:38 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My first appointment...

Had my first Dallas appointment. A 37 year old women...from Plano...met me in the bar. I bought her several glasses of wine...quite obvious she was nervous. Beautiful women...married and mother of two. She responded to an email I had sent her...offering my services. She eagerly accepted...stating " her husband could never do it right." isn't that tought guys...come on.

Three glasses of wine later...she wanted to head up to my hotel room. Will say her name was "Diane" (promised I wouldn't share her name, but she did say I could share on my blog).

Diane is about 5'7". Burnette...about 135lb. Great body. At first she wanted to keep her blouse and bra on ...just want me to hike up her skirt...but by the end she had them both off.

When we came in the room she sat on the bed. I didn't say a fact we never spoke again until she left. I got on my knees ..pulled her thong off by reaching up under her skirt...spread her legs and went to town. She kept her heels on..and like I said she had her top and bra off by the end...had to play with her wife isn't like that. Wish she was though : )

I sucked and licked and tugged away for about 25 minutes before I needed a little i fingered her for about a few minutes before I licked the fingers and went back to tongue diving. Fun! Fun!

I got a thrill out of it...and I know Diane did. Before I head back to DC...she is stopping by again next week. I can't wait..she tasted so damn good. ANyone interested email me. Please be above average in models necessary though. PS- Like I said I don't want or will not do anything besides go south on you.

rm_jpakjpak 37M

9/17/2005 6:52 pm

We did thanks..if you are interested let me know. I am in town until Friday morning.

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