One night stand  

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3/3/2006 8:55 pm

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One night stand

I was up in Cairns, far North Queensland for the Business Awards Night and had just booked into the Hotel. Then after I put my stuff in the room and went down to eat. As I finished my meal a stunning young lady in her late twenties early thirties walked in and sat at the bar. She looked over to me and smiled, I ignored her as I thought she must have been smiling at someone else. A few minutes later she smiled again, there was no mistake who it was meant for this time. I was the only one left on this side of the room, I got up and walked over to her and said good evening I’m Brian may I get you a drink? Hello Brian, she replied I’m Monica, thank you but no thank you, I don’t drink. Then without another word she slid a key along the bar in my direction, room 14 second floor in half an hour. With that she got up and walked out, I sat there for a minute then asked the barman if she was a hooker. Goodness me no sir he replied, Monica Lloyd is a well respected business leader and motivator just arrived from London yesterday she is the Guest Speaker for the Business awards night held in town on Wednesday. I finished my drink thanked the barman and headed up to her room. That was without doubt the longest and the best night of hot and raunchy sex I have ever experienced. No hang ups, no pretence, no promises just straight forward primitive sex, we fucked, sucked, explored and drank from each others body for seven amazing hours. The following morning we showered together then had breakfast. After breakfast she said thank you very much Brian, that was an exciting encounter I enjoyed it immensely. I got up from the table lent over and kissed her on the cheek, then without another word I returned to my room.

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4/11/2006 6:02 am

Sounds like fun!

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