my favorite joke: hi little boy  

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my favorite joke: hi little boy

After moving to the big city, Johnny had to walk to his new school. Johnny hated it , not knowing any one and starting off fresh. After a few weeks, he made a few friends, but they all lived the other way from the school. So Johnny trudged on .
One morning Johnny desided to go a different way to school. It took him less time but it also took him thru the red light district of town. One morning he was walking that way, and noticed a young lady ,barely dressed waving at him, he waved back. The next day and the next the same thing, she was there and barely dressed and waving every time. One morning as he passed on the way to school, he was shocked by the sound of this lady yelling out ,”hi little boy!”, when Johnny looked there she was waving and yelling to him. Johnny noticed the lady had her hand near her face, Johnny looked close, she was wiggling her little finger at him! That afternoon the samething she yelled “hi little boy “ while wiggling her little finger at him. This went on for weeks, every morning, every afternoon. Johnny was wondering why the lady put her hand to the side of her head and wiggled her little finger, so Johnny desided to ask her why. The lady replied,” because you`re a little boy, and your thing is little like my finger”.! Johnny`s chin dropped, he didn`t know what to say. The lady did this to Johnny twice a day for weeks. Then it hit him, he knew just what to reply to her and her little finger wave. Johnny walked with new purpose then and grinded the whole time. Next morning Johnny ran down the street , she wasn’t there. Heart broken he trudged on to school. That afternoon he ran up the street, she wasn`t there, heart broken he walked home. This went on for weeks, no lady ,barely dressed ,yelling “hi little boy” and wiggling her little finger in the air.
Johnny soon forgot about her, till the one morning months later. On his way home, kicking a rock as he went along his way, a screeching voice yelled out! “hi little boy!”. Johnny stopped, got a big grin from ear to ear. He dropped his book to the ground . At that point he turned. He then reached up and placed his hands near his mouth. Turned to face her . with his mouth stretched as far as he could get it to stretched. Johnny in th loudest voice he cold come up with. Shouted out to her “ hi waddy”! regaining his composure, Johnny grinned and picked his book up and went back to kicking his rock all the way home giggling! The barely dressed lady had removed her hand, to shake her fist at Johnny, this pleased him!
So if you ever jest to some one you think they have a little cock, and they have read this, don`t be surprised if the next thing you hear is, through a stretched mouth is “ hi waddy “ they just paided you back in their one idea of what you got going on!! Lol!
Hugs !

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Purry {=}


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where!,where!.......if you laughed off i want to know were?it`s mine if i find it!!
love ya hon!

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