decapitation of common sense  

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8/19/2005 3:43 pm

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decapitation of common sense

We human beings often do things and then ask ourselves "why in the hell did I do that?!" Yesterday, I asked myself that very same question.

I was searching a website of a Talk Show host that I listen to regularly. As I scroll down through various articles and links I see one that captures my attention: the real face of the enemy..about the true nature of the terrorist that we face. Now granted he ad a huge disclaimer that the following images were very graphic..VERY..yet being the curious fellow that I am I decide to look.

There before me were the video links to those who've been decapitated by Islamic militants. I say to myself..hmm..can't be that bad to watch. Up until then I had always assumed that they used a big sword and that the act was done swiftly..with one big blow! Chalk that up to watching to many movies I suppose. What I saw however, nothing could have prepared me for. These individuals were slowly decapitated with what could only amount to a large kitchen knife...

For almost an hour I just stared at my computer screen, although the clip was only 93 seconds.

On September 12th, 2001 I boarded a federal flight with a USFS task force heading to ground zero. I spent two weeks doing confined space search and rescue, which quickly turned into search and recovery.During that time I was horrified at some of the things I had encountered. In those days the attrocities that happend at the trade centers burned deeply in my psyche, a need for retribution for those who lost thier lives. Since then, like most Americans I had become numb to my need for vengence...until yesterday...

So here I sit thinking outloud and asking myself..if these individuals are capable of this kind of barbarism..then what else are they capable of?

I have a better understanding I suppose of what our troops are up against. Pure, unadulterated evil. I think I'll send a soldier a letter..just to show my appreciation for the risk and the sacrifices they're making and taking.

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