arrff!....(lick, lick)..woof!  

rm_jopher 41M
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8/4/2005 4:12 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

arrff!....(lick, lick)..woof!

I have dogs. Two to be more accurate. I often wonder what life would be like as a dog. I come home and there they are, tails wagging, slobbering and barking..they are ALWAYS happy to see me. I wonder though still..what do they do when Daddy's gone? Hmmm...Take my aussie shepard for instance...most of the time she acts dumber than a box of rocks, every know and then though I catch her doing something that blows my mind like flushing the toilet when it didn't flush all of the way..

I think that she just acts know to get more attention. I wouldn't be surprised if while I'm at work she's out in the garage perfecting quantum physics or building a better mouse trap..

I've been reading alot of post and profiles here and for the most part I think that many people here are doing the same thing...hmmm..what do you mean Jopher? Okay let me explain. I think that alot of people here are allowing themselves to be who they are under the security of anonymity. In other words they, for countless reasons, cannot express themselves or be who they would truely like to be in the everyday we check into the "hotel AdultFriendFinder" and let our inhibtions go...

Hippink 35F
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8/5/2005 7:57 am

Ahhhh, Sweet Puppy Love..... I love dogs for the way they enjoy being silly and simple, like children... yet they have the ability to be dog-brain geniuses when they want or need to be.

And yes... being online allows us all to be the people wew WISH we were. The virtual reality of all things real being forgotten as we try to live our fantasy lives... I think we're already stuck in the Matrix... and we weren't even forced there.

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