was it worth it " my trip to portugal part three  

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4/28/2005 3:02 am

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was it worth it " my trip to portugal part three

After the sessions in the hammock, we were back to the normal comfort of the bed on the night after a night out again.

The third day I was awoken by a wonderful smell,
the smell and sound of siziling bacon.
Today we are about to go shoping into town for a few hours and to visit her friend.

After spending a few hours around town we went back and had lunch and a few drinks at her friends by the beach.

On leaving her friends as it was a hot day the sun blazing down we strolled along the beach.

At this part of the beach ,there were quite a few people about, we strolled further along the beach
and after about 10 mins found a quiet spot with only a few people in the distance.

We stripped off and laid back to soak up the sun.
Looking at Carol lying naked, I became aroused and erect .

I stroked her hair and kissed her ears nibbling
and licking.
She moved her hands down and grabbed my rock hard shaft, moving faster and faster causing my legs to arch, she then she slide my shaft into her mouth.
I move around and return the complement by licking and slurping up the love juice from deep
within her, then finally entering her, Carol wrapping her legs around me as I pounded and pounded away before exploding deep into her.

Finally exhausted I look up and see a woman, just 100 yards away ,walking past, but as they say on
Master Mind Iv.e started so I had better finish.
I looked at the woman, she looked back just smiled ,waved and just carried on walking.

to be continued

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