great sex whats best little blue pill v libidus """ ?  

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4/18/2005 4:02 pm

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great sex whats best little blue pill v libidus """ ?

a lot has been said about viagra, but over the last two years libidus as become the top selling herbal sex enhancer.
viagra last for up to 4 hours and in comparision takes 40 minutes to feel the full effects.
libidus reaction time is around 10 minutes and its longest lasting with a documented record time of 12 hours to up to 4 days.
libidus also does not have the same problem as viagra and can be used by people with heart complaints.
Its benefits for men are prolongs sexual activity,
penis remains rock hard even after ejaculation,
increase enegy for extended performance,
and enlarge the length and thickness of the penis .

It also benefits the female by
heighten the sensitivity during sex,
stimulates their libido,
encrease enegy for extended performance,
and increase frequency and intensity of orgasm.
The potent ingredients are EURYCOMA LONGIFOLIA
and is used by body builders and is a natural testosterone enhancer.
FLOS CATHARMI activates blood circulation to the genitals.
RHIZOMA CUCURMAE LONGAE promote the flow of"qi" to
genital area and relieve pain.
GINKGO BILOBA improves oxygen to the brain and other organsto strenghten heart,lungs,skin .
HERBA EPIMEDII herb used for centries to treat
impotence,rfinforce seminal emission,tendons,bones and limbs and relieve rheumatic conditions.
HERBA CISTANCHES enhances sexual function ,treats impotence and strengthens back and knees.
ASTRAGALUS MEMBRANACEUS to reinforce "qi" and strenghten the superficial resistance ,also helps to accelerate new tissue growth.
if you need more details email me .

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