What,s Life  

rm_jonemore 56M
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5/9/2005 4:06 am

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What,s Life

Life is sex , without it there would be no life,
from the moment the seed is sown from the father
into the safety of the mothers womb , this begins the cycle of life.

Life is from when you take your first breath the moment you are born.

Life is what you put into it from this moment on.
the more you put into it the better it gets.

Life is to enjoy, no matter what it throws at you,
you have to deal with it and carry on.

Life goe,s on as doe,s time and waits for noboby.

Life is like a flower, born from seed and develops
into a thing of beauty, the human race, but sadly
the same as the flower , after a period of time it
withers away and dies.


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