my sister in law..............  

rm_johnmays2000 37M
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10/20/2005 11:54 pm

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9/11/2009 2:23 am

my sister in law..............

my "sister in law" was breast feeding her baby as i had to be with her at home as she was alone...i saw both her full breasts but she did not try to cock was very hard and huge seeing them and she even saw my cock thru my short bulging out as i could not hide but she only smiled and even told me to hold the baby in between as she wiped her nipples with hot water and wet cloth as i held the baby as she started to feed again
i was going crazy ..later she let the baby sleep but left her boobs open and kept talking as i was almost creaming between my legs
she then strarted rubbing some cream on her boobs and asked me to rub her back..i was shaking in heat..soon she turned around and laid on bed asking me to rub her breasts also as she had pain with milk in them...i was shy but she told me its ok as i am her brother in law and no one was in..soon she kept her hand on my cock and took my cock out and told me its bad to hold on for long being hard and made me lay back as she...............

sheradick2 48M
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4/30/2007 3:44 am

Lucky bugger.Wish my sister in law did the same thing

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