being upfront  

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7/4/2005 6:40 am

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being upfront

I guess people here are like people anywhere....they have a difficult time being open. Its hard for me to understand why people...with the anonymity of being in cyberspace...can't be upfront with people. If you are not interested, why not just say,"thanks but we are looking for something else?" Do people really think that we all have over sensitive ego's, that they will even be a blip on our self esteem radar?

I was chatting with a couple recently and after I invited them to my network to see the pictures...never heard from them. Not a problem, but can't you just say, thanks but no thanks. It seems only civil to me, be an adult about it.

And that leads me to another topic, people's view of themselves. It is amazing how unrealistic a view people have of their physical selfs and who they are holding out for....never ceases to amaze me. I have been with a variety of people, a couple of absolutely gorgeous women and a couple of people who were fantastic because of their attitudes but not so great physically. I have been accepted by unbelievable poeple and rejected by physically marginal people. I just think that people feel inside, much more attractive sometimes than they appear to the real world.

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