Singapore Massage Parlours now face more stringent regulations  

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7/1/2006 4:31 am
Singapore Massage Parlours now face more stringent regulations

Have not been reading news lately (due to World Cup fever) and was shocked to see this headline. There goes one of men's favourite pass time

Massage Parlours will now face more stringent regulations

SINGAPORE: Massage parlours will now face more stringent regulations before they can operate.

Private rooms with curtains are a common sight in massage parlours, and many of unlicensed massage parlours have sprouted out in HDB heartlands, causing many residents to feel uncomfortable with the secrecy of their services behind closed doors.

But that will now change with the new regulations starting Monday (26/06/06).

Massage parlours have to comply with new requirements before they can be exempted from applying for a license, renewed annually.

Under the new law, massage outlets must remove the curtains and individual rooms if they are not certified under professional bodies like the Ministry of Health.

After that, they must also register their businesses with the Police.

If they do not register, they can be fined up to S$1000.

These new regulations also include operating their businesses in full view of passers-by and employment criteria.

For operators that are unlicensed and have been given exemptions, they can erect partitions only if they are certified under professional bodies like the Health Ministry or the Singapore Physiotherapy Association.

Licensed ones can operate in private rooms and their employees may now be asked to undergo medical health screenings such as tests for sexually transmitted diseases.

The operators have 2 months till August 26 to comply with the new rules.

"Increasingly, we've been finding more establishments breaching the conditions and conducting illegal activities behind their facade. Now we have to tighten these conditions to curb the growth of these illegal activities and make sure the spa industry and the massage industry in Singapore continues to have a good name and reputation," said Audrey Ang, Deputy Superintendent, Singapore Police Force.

For the first 5 months of this year, police caught about 150 massage parlours operating without exemption or proper license.

Slightly over 50 foreign women were also arrested for illegal activities in such places during the same period. - Extracted from CNA


Some personal thoughts to share:
Though the government have good intention to ensure proper activities in massage parlours, they failed to realise that the move would drive sexual activities to the "underground", which result in difficulties in tracking vice activities.

When I mean "underground", is that the massagers would hit the street and start to conduct their businesses. How fast and how efficient is our local policemen, in tracking such "guerillas"?

The recommended ways to control vice in massage parlour is not to allow it to be operated in HDB estates. Instead, contain them in a specific location, something like Geylang.

Just some thoughts to share. Comments and criticism welcome, of course

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