Singapore Girl storm the World with Home-make videos  

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2/27/2006 5:44 am

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Singapore Girl storm the World with Home-make videos

There have been many here pressing for my face photos, videos etc to be posted to them or shown to them via webcam. Fortunately, thanks to my determination (Boy! You guys are such stong talker), I never break my "faceless" policy, as the recent "hoo-har" of a stolen video clips reinforced the rationale of my, some insisted "stringent" policy.

To the cast(s) of the video clips> Please don't feel sad as you are definitely not alone. In fact, your status is now on par with Pamela, Paris and an infamous politician, just to name a few. Oh yah, myself also in your rank, but I am lucky that the photo (of me) circulating in the cyberspace now is quite blur. Dammed that bitch!

Back to the infamous video clip. What's bygone, well, bygone. But what's the learning point(s) here:

- Never, I repeat, NEVER, EVER make home videos, especially using 3G phones or webcam.

- The average length of men could be estimated from the video clip.

- That's how a couple make love.

- There are still dare-devils out there going for Oral sex, though it is strictly forbidden here.

- You don't need condom while in missionary position.

- There's girls who shaved their pubic.

- A hokkein saying that goes : "San San Ji Ki Gu, Gan Hu Gua Buay Chu" . Meaning, a man may be skinny, but his skills surpass all!

- Judging from the length of the clip, I think I have problem of early ejaculation.

- Is merely sucking nipples, foreplay?

- When making love, don't talk!

- If you are disturb or disgusted by me mocking on other's misery, why you read till this point?!

Alright, enough of crap. The scandal would be away very quickly cause soon another similar one would be in the limelight. There's many so-call, "Thinker" out there talking about moral values, spicing up school education disciplines and blah blah blah... Who cares! As if, they didn't enjoy watching the clip.

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