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2/3/2006 10:21 pm

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7/23/2006 7:25 am


Today, I received a message from a AdultFriendFinder friend, requesting me to proof that the photos in my profile and albums is really me. She said it is unlikely that a Singapore men knows how to tease and arouse women. She thought my photos would have been extracted from some erotic women's magazine. Her opinion is that men here would merely know how to show there own c*ck and nothing else imaginative.

I am flattered and equally fume. Fume because she pointed down on we men here, who are mostly so very sexy and imaginative with their profile and photos. Flattered because she shown keen interest on me (she has been messaging me with her photos). But as much as I respected and adore my own physics and "asset", I do not think I could be on par with those supermodels (in terms of body, looks and... you know what.) on women's magazines!

Just to proof to her that I am really a Singaporean and the photos are really me, I have the urge to send her my face photo. But after much thoughts, I decided to send her some photos of me holding to things, Singapore. Reason: I was once being play out by some idiots, circulating my sexy face photos around in the cyberspace. That explains why I am so "chicken" in showing my face now. Moreover, here we are not conducting any job interview for customers service staff where pretty faces are critical. Here, where love making is the top priority, as long as the chemistry is right, the body is right (I am a susker of nice curves), a normal face would be fine with most people. Never judge a person from the face. From my experience, a nerdy, specky, bookworm face with a reasonably nice body usually are sex-superior women!

So I reply her message saying that what she like me to be holding in my next photo. She said that she would like to see me holding Men's Health Singapore, with my naked body. So, I sent her this photo of me with the latest issue of MEN'S HEALTH magazine, so coincidentally my favourite magazine.

Hailed! Singapore Men! You are definitely the BEST in pleasing any women! (Dammed that survey last year, which claims Singapore men are low in sex drive!)

Lesson learnt: Women love imaginative man who goes all out to arouse them. So, some photos of you "teasing" them would rise their interest.

fallenmona 43F
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2/5/2006 1:46 am

Hahh! What heck this friend of yours is thinking? Even face photos could be deceiving. I knew someone posted their pretty friend photos here. If you don't start trusting anyone, then just quit this game.

Anyway, I sort of agreed with your friend that Singaporean men are less imaginative. I am saying LESS imaginative, NOT unimaginative as compared to other countrymen. But that doesn't mean Singaporean men are not exciting to be with.

singalong100033 58M/52F

2/19/2006 8:42 pm

hi fallenmona,i'm judy here,fully agree with every words u say,especially when u cant trust everyone why stay here wasting your time...Have u notice most ppls. like to describe themself as open minded ,even they are not.well...for imaginative,you need to find hard............GREAT DAY,

rm_janeraped 41F
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7/22/2006 8:21 pm

Fallenmona: Totally agree with you when you say: "If you don't start trusting anyone, then just quit this game." This is cyberspace + adult sex site and if that gal still wants to meet up with these 2 combinations, she must at least have a bit of trust. After all, its pretty easy to back out of any prior arrangements- meet in a public place, then if you feel you don't have any chemistry, don't carry on to bonk. As simple as that. The final meeting will erase all doubts from pictures and all that cybering.

However, I don't agree with you about S'pore men not being imaginative. I've met some great people here. And except for some weirdos (actually only 2, whom I don't wish to see again), the rest have been really mature in thinking (even though some are real young), and adult in behaviour. And great skills, to boot too.

All these myths about S'pore/Asian guys not having "it"? Well, I can just imagine that it's coming from old, worn-out 40-50 expats, poor thing, a bit dissipated, and only good for getting a paid deal in Orchard Towers. Always harking back to the good ol colonial days... oh dear.

As for joedovenport: You're very right when you say "Never judge a person from the face. From my experience, a nerdy, specky, bookworm face with a reasonably nice body usually are sex-superior women!"
I can tell you that's VERY TRUE when applied to guys as well. Those nerdy, computer type guys...or the young looking ones, or even those who are not hunks and conventionally "handsome". Wow, in bed, they're something else. And if all those spgs are turning their noses down on those, well, all I can say that they're missing out on some hard and lasting guys, and for what? For a white dick that seldom stays hard for long? *bleah* give me local anytime. I've been there, done that, and seen enough.

rm_joedovenport 43M/35F
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7/23/2006 7:25 am

To Janeraped - BRAVO!!! Fully agreed with you about nerdy and specky person are sometime really good in bed. On the contrary, some really gorgeous woman aren't interested in sex!

Indeed, never, ever, judge a book by its cover.

Hahaha!! Your "showdown" on SPGs really cracks me. Finally, there is someone here who openly negative the white dicks. Way to go!

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