My sexy and cheeky friend  

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8/10/2006 10:24 am

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My sexy and cheeky friend

Went to Batam with my old classmate, Cindy today. I have not seen her for a while and was shocked that she have grown to be such a beauty - nice lenghty legs, fair smooth complexion and nicely done hair. I simply love her almost dropped off pants, which revealed the top part of her ass cracks. I asked her if she is afraid of inviting wrong ideas from people. She replied: "That's the intention mah..." SEXY!

After a few hours of shopping, we returned to the hotel for massage. She is quite open-minded hence do not mind sharing the "couple" room with me. Saw her strip naked, which immediately gives me a hard on! She saw my "reaction" and smile cheekily at me. After the massage session, while we are in the jacuzzi together, she jokingly asked if I need her to "release me"! Hahaha! How naughty she is!

Nothing happens (sexually) between us today. But I enjoyed the day with her. Flirting, talk dirty and "touchy" throughout the day is already enough to gives me orgasm after orgasm! Sometime, sex is not about rocking on bed, but it is a simulation of the mind, isn't it?

I would have wet dreams about her tonight. I am sure!

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