Memoirs of a - A true revelation of what's really happens  

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7/22/2006 11:31 am

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Memoirs of a - A true revelation of what's really happens

Today, I returned home with a heart that sink as deep as the Titanic. I have a long chat with this old friend, who just been released from prison today, for an underage girl. Memories of what happens, almost a decade ago quietly creeps back...

He was then 23, fresh from the army and ready to face the World of challenges. As a single, he adopted a swinger's lifestyle. Almost all guy friends envy his way of living whereas the girls would always filled their face with disgust, but, many of these girls were once his girlfriend.

So my friend is a charmer. So good that we sort of believe he could talk the crow to stop its nasty cry!

That weekend, we went to Zouk as usual. He saw this very sweet girl standing outside the entrance, seems to be waiting for some guys to buy her drinks. The charmer never let go this chance. Immediately both strike it off very well and proceed to somewhere discreet. I need not explain further what they are up to.

The rendezvous marvelled my charmer friend. He describe very vivid details of the love-making session he had with this sweet lady. He describe how pinkish is her private and nipples. He tell us, with excitment, what a fantastic lover this girl is, on bed. We all listen with envy but what's happens next really shock all of us. A few days later, my friend was arrested, charged with an underage girl!

To all our surprise, the gal, who looks like she is 21 years old is merely 14 years old! We are even stunned when there are a total of 6 other men being charged, for having sex with her!

While my charmer friend told us how wonderful the night is with this girl, the girl cried ! And she told the judge that she was also been by the other 6 men, regularly!

My friend's lawyer retaliated that the girl should have been more careful after been by the previous 5 men. But there was no sign of struggles or unwillingness throughout the whole "routine" with my friend.

I am shocked to hear the judge's verdict that as long as the girl is under 16 years old, it doesn't make any difference whether she is willing or not! In fact, if an adult girl "regretted" after have sex with an adult man, she could still report that she been !

So much for the law. But on an ethical aspects, why did the gal do this? One moment she is willing and after the whole make out, she reported that my friend her?

What she doing have no advantages to her or whatsoever. The parents didn't seek "compensation". The public eye were all on the girl and I don't think she would feels like a super-model in this case. Why then she do it? It puzzles me till this day. It even stumbled my friend till today, the day of his release.

I always respect the law and believe justice pervail, especially in Singapore. However, there's seem nothing much been done to amend this aspect of law: willing minor having sex. We must agree that nowadays , teens grow mature much faster. It is even harder to distinguish whether they are over 16 years old. So shouldn't the law change with time?

Finally, whatever happens to moral education and ethic code in our younger Singaporean nowadays?

How sad.

VCF1962 105F

7/22/2006 1:02 pm

It's not just morals and ethics in Singapore, it's across the world. Look at the teenage pregnancy rate everywhere.

Children now are not having the childhoods that we had. They want everything and they want it NOW. Schools are not allowed to discipline unrly pupils so they get away with murder, parents seem to have no idea how to be parents rather than trying to befriend the kids. What will these kids of today have to look forward to by the time they get to 21 ?

They'll have smoked all sorts, tried all the drinks they can, slept with as many people as they see fit, possibly can't hold down a job - I pity them, I don't envy them.

However on the matter of your friend, in some ways I feel sorry for him and in others I don't. False accusations have a long lasting and cruel effect on the innocent party, however, she was only 14 - whether she looked it or not. Here in the UK, staturory applies to under 16's - but I believe that the "child" and the parents have to agree to it going to court and with legal fees etc, I don't think many people bother. Whether that's more to do with money than the fact they don't know or don't care is beyond me.

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rm_janeraped 40F
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7/22/2006 6:57 pm

You said your friend just came out of prison for the offence and that the offence occurred almost a decade ago. You mean the sentence was that long? How many years did he get? And does anyone know what is the min/max sentence for statutory ?

WTF, when I read things like that, it makes me furious becuase it's like the life lost. Some feminist butch type (ok, I know I'm going to get flamed for this) will say that those 6 guys should have known better than to sleep around, but hell, they are just being guys. What the hell was a 14 year old sl_t doing hanging around Zouk and opening her freaking legs at every opportunity. I'm sure that's not the first time nor will it be the last. I think that law needs to be applied with mitigating circumstances.

It really makes me sick to think that a 23 year old's life is ruined just because of a b_tch like that. Reminds me of another case a few years ago whereby a whole lot of guys were jailed because they had PAID sex with an underaged (but mature looking) girl who was doing this through the internet, and who apparently had a pimping couple arrange it for her. What the f-ing hell did the trio get? Nothing. But all those men went to jail.

Sometimes I think if I were a man, it'll be better to just go to Geylang and procure a legal transaction bonk in one of those houses in the lorongs. Sg's red-light district is probably one of the best regulated ones in the world (provided you don't go to the china freelance girls), why risk bonking a (probably) diseased 14 year old who looks like she's 19?

Gosh, that law really freaking sucks. I feel sorry for your friend. I hope he gets his life together. To be jailed for an "offence" like this? It's ridiculous. Meanwhile, where is the sl_t? If I were one of the men, I would NOT be a happy camper and would like to get the cow's name published. wtf!!!!

rm_joedovenport 42M/34F
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7/23/2006 8:02 am

VCF1962 - Totally agree with you that teens "problems" occurs everywhere in today's World. The cyberspace have make this World so small and so fast, that even our younger ones grow much faster than usual. Pathetic aspect of this speedy growth is that, they learn all the bad things! Urggh!! What have our school and parents done?!

Janeraped - My friends actually got 8 years plus 4 canes. I had done some research in the library earlier and was shocked that some actually gets 27 years imprisonment! The shortest jail term I found was around 6 years. So my friend got a good "bargain" here, probably the judge feels that his case not that "genuine".

"..get the cow's name published"? Well, after you have been in prison for 8 years, all fume is long buried. From the looks of my friend, I believe that he is too eager to "catch up" with lost time than seeking revenge. There's just too many things he wants to do now. I am honoured to have granted his no 1 wishes - last night, I treated him with a nice, hot plate of fried beef kway teow at Geylang Lor 9! Life's simple pleasure may mean so dear to someone who have suffered injustice... *weep*

rm_Eric0072005 51M
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7/23/2006 3:49 pm

As a guy, I think -and I dun think that I am wrong- the law puts the onus on the adult. Rightly so dun you think? You can't expect a child to be more responsible than an adult right?
If we don't rule over our `willy', then we pay the price. It is easy to say this, I nearly paid the price when I was in my twenties. Stopped and slapped myself HARD! YES!TG!

Many a times, a man's sex drive blinds us to what is right and wrong. Other alternatives are present.

Honestly, many men have paid the price of being a sex fool. I was one of the so called lucky ones that did not fall into it.


Honeydewy 39F  
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12/26/2006 1:16 am

You guys do not know how to judge a girl's age. It's really not your fault. Like i've some guy friends who think a woman's 60 when she's just in her early 40s or a woman's 16 when she's 26. Anyway,.. if any of you guys wanted sex with a teenager, there are always underaged girls in geylang, so yes, i am sorry for your friend and the other guys. But seriously, next time, go with a wingwoman,.. we girls know girls ages, especially if we came from all-girls' schools, lol.

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