Lesson: Non-penetration sex  

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1/15/2006 9:24 am

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Lesson: Non-penetration sex

Just came home from yet another fulfilling sex lesson conducted by this Chinese lady, who I met at East Coast Beach. She was then sun-bathing alone (me too) and I strike a conversation with her. And that's how we started off, as friends, then regular coffee-drinking friends, then sex mates. I knew she have a child locally but husband in China. Think she feels lonely and horney here in Singapore which is why she hooked up with me.

Well, back to tonight's lesson on sex. She love to be my teacher and I am the student (sort of role playing here). The usual stuff of greeting the teacher and me dressing in school uniform while she carrying some textbooks (basically are porn magazines) to teach me everything about sex. Tonight, it is practical. I always love practical as at least I get a chance to "offload". The theories are usually conducted in some remote cafe.

So tonight, she is going to show me the "non-penetrative approach" of love making. mmh.. interesting I must say. Making love but not having intercourse sound sensual and exciting for me.

Now here's the procedures:

1) Both to shave each other
It is very important to shave your genital before you commence with non-penetration sex. The reason is that the pubic hair may cause skin irritation after the "rubbing" routine.

2) take shower together.
My teacher wash me thoroughly, concentrating much on my genital. And not before long, she is giving me a good ad slow blow job. She kept encouraging me to cum, which I did after 5 minutes. I get so excited that I spray cums all over here body!

3) Oil the whole body.
Both of us wipe each other dry using towel (that is also quite arousing!). Then we sit side by side on bed and we started kissing and carressing. She set a strict rules here that the carressing must be soft, scratchy carressing. While kissing, we started to apply oil generously over our body, including the genital. Remember to apply generously, as the slippier the better.

4) 9 orgasm positions
Refer to the picture for the 9 positions of orgasm. Trust me that rubbing could be more arousing than penetration! At this point I understand why she insisted me to cum in the bathroom. Coz if I didn't, I would not have lasted this 9 highly sensual positions. All these are actually the routine position, but just without penetration, merely rubbing of genitals.

5) Mutual masterbation
After the 9 positions, which lasted for almost an hour! We point to each other the most sensitive part of our genital and we start to help each other masterbate. Wow! We really cums after 5 minutes of rubbing. And I am amazed by my teacher's cums! She just "shoot" like man! Cool!

Summary: Non-penetration sex is highly sensual and high in energy. The best part of it is that you need not wear any condom since there's no penetration (except a few position which uses the tip of the penis to rub the lips of the vagina. Do it at your own "risk". Do proper stretching and warm up before you attempt. Remember, cums as many time as you want. Trust me, you will erect again and again and again.

My scores: 90/100 (5 points deducted for having my penis accidentally slipping into my teacher's cunt... once. Another 5 points deducted for shooting my cums into her nostrils without warning! )

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3/24/2006 4:20 pm

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