A wonderful rubbed!  

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1/13/2006 6:41 am

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A wonderful rubbed!

Dear friends

To those who had been patronising massage parlour, I am sure you had a equally relax and sensual time with the therapist. Alright, the story may be different if the therapist is not any sweet young thing

Today, after a hard day of work, my collegues reminded me "TGIF!" (Thanks GOD it's Friday!). Hey! Who cares to work overtime on Friday right? So I quickly leave office - who knows my boss would give me some urgent assignment?

Now, it's only 5p.m. and strange, I am feeling rather horney! It must be the early morning of AdultFriendFinder that caused that. Mmh... to think about it, it has been awhile since I get a good massage. So I say, why not?

Take a bus to the nearest massage parlour. The place is well-decorated and cosy. And Man! What with the tight fitting on the receptionist 34C body! Asked her (name is Cindy, I think) to massage me but she says she just a receptionist. What a waste!

Well, quickly hurried into the massage room, strip naked and while waiting, took a shot of myself (lying on the massage bed). Hehehe! Nothing kinky here, just thought of sharing it with you guys. Please refer to my profile for that photo. Mmh.. think I need to work on that abs.

Heard footstep coming nearer to the room door. Quickly keep my camera but leave my handphone (with camera) with me.

The door open and the verdict... Wow! A specky Auntie standing at the door. Yes! She is auntie (meaning around 35-40 years old) except that she was tall and quite pretty. And the super short skirts and figure hugging top she is wearing was such a turn on!

Think I stare at her for too long (already fantasizing what I want to do with her for the next one hour), she asked "Ke Yi Mah?" ("Are you okay" in mandarin). Of course I am!

So, when she came into the room and asked if i wanted tea, i told her no. I just want to get on with her! She went to a small table to prepare the candle and oil etc while I snap a few shots of her (without her knowing). Hehehe!!

Next I feel her hands rubbing my back. She quite good in massage. Shiok!

After rubbing for 15 minutes, she suddenly carress my bum and balls (with me lying face down), and whisper in my ear, "Su Fu Mah?" ("Is that comfortable"). Immediately I turn around and hug her onto the bed. We were so passionately kissing and rubbing each other. Her clothes were off and we continue rubbing each other with plenty of oil. And we are still passionately kissing.

Soon, she was doing Blow job on me (with cap on of course. Better be safe than sorry) while I massage her groin and genital. I wanted to lick her cunt but she insisted no as she worried of hygiene. To each his own. I am more than happy to please her and serve her.

She told me that she want to taste my cums. So I just remove the cap and jerk in front of her. She just cuddle me and watch. It is so sexy to masterbate in her presence. Not long, I am cumming, she just place her mouth near my penis and I offloaded everything in her mouth! What a sight and she looks like she enjoying very single drip. Wow! And she swollow it! DARING!

After the action, we continue to cuddle and rubbed each other. She wanted to jerk me the 2nd time but suddenly, that receptionist called her from outside the door that she has a customer waiting. It was then that we realise that we are 15 minutes after time! Gosh! How time flies when you enjoying it.

She give me her handphone no and urged me to call her to "continue" in hotel. I told her I will and paid her and left.

Funny thing is that everytime a therapist give me their handphone and urge me to call them, I won't (even though I promise them). Really felt guilty for always doing that. But somehow, the rational side of me (after the offloading of cums) told me that nothing good would come out of such relation. Or am I too concerns. Just wank and forget! Isn't that's on everyone's rulebook here? But is it really that simple?

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