A day with the Jap student  

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2/20/2006 8:28 am

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4/10/2006 7:57 am

A day with the Jap student

Today is another sensual day for me! I am on a date with this girl (I didn’t have permission to mention her name) for a round of sensual massage session. But instead of the originally scheduled Le Meridian Changi, she suggested to go to the Carlton Hotel. She even requested me to book full day. I am thinking that she must have wanted to bonk the whole day with me to have requested for that. Wow! Immediate turned on!

Meet her at City Hall. Saw her the first time. Not much of a looker (sorry girl ) but with a petit and athletic body ‒ sexy! She wears a Japanese-student like skirt and a white top. Not very revealing but quite kinky. She just looks like those Jap student.

Not much chit chatting along the way. Guess she just shy.

Finally arrived at the room. But we didn’t immediately get into action. Instead we make tea and watch the TV program together for almost an hour. It is during this one hour that I get to know more about her.

Then she said that her body is aching and wanted to start the sensual massage session. I am too happy to quickly get into the main agenda of the day. I undress myself within less than 10 seconds. But realized that she still in her clothes. She laughs at me for being so eager and told me she likes me to massage her with clothes on. I am still pondering on how to do it but she already removes her bra (but still wearing her top).

I am so aroused by her moves and immediately make her lie face up and started to caress her body, with her clothes still on! She started to moan and after a while, asked me to bring her “toy” which she carries in her bag.

The “toy” is some beads tied on string. She requested me to rub the beads on her private but not to remove her panties. I do as she told and could see that she is so excited. Then she told me to sit on her body and masturbate myself. She said she love to see guys masturbate and shoot sperms on her body. Should I wait?

I gently stroke my gential and she seems to be very turned on that she removed her panties, unbutton her top and also starts to masturbate. Wow! She have pinkish nipples! I suck on them like baby while continue to masturbate!

Both of us were so high andher moan and expression drives me to such peak that I spray all my sperms on her within merely 5 minutes! What the heck with me today?! I am too excited by her.

Although the enjoyment was short, she seems to thoroughly enjoy it. One more thing great about her is that she is not shy with the camera. I took so many shots and yet she didn’t even bother to cover herself!

So the war is over and she started to undress completely and go for a shower. I gave her a thorough rub at the shower room. I even gave her the “Turkish bath” which I learnt lately and she was driven to the peak so many times! She also cum and naughty her, spray urine all over me! And me? I masturbated and also spray my cums and urine all over her! Yes, it is disgusting but we love it!

Time flies. We are in the hotel room for around 4 hours (with two hours spraying urine on each other in the bathroom! Hahaha!!). Got so hungry after all the crazy stuff. So we check out for dinner at the hotel restaurant and have a very long chat before we call it a day.

I wanted to see her home but she rejected. She give me a passionate French kiss, board the cab and off she goes.

Although I had a great time with her, I know, somehow, we never see each other again. During the conversation with her, she already told me that her policy is to meet the person once, mutual masturbation and never see the person again. She claimed that that is the best policy to prevent disease, sense of attachment and most importantly, we would soon forget how each other looks like in 2 weeks.

Well, I have her photos to remember her. But as a respect to her, I decided that I should just cropped her body and erased the photos from my memory card…

Thank you very much for the day girl. Muak!

fallenmona 42F
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2/21/2006 5:24 am

Excellent writing! I could imagine how aroused both of you must be! She wore flowery undergarment, which suggest that she is creative. Great luck you have Joe!

rm_joedovenport 42M/34F
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2/21/2006 9:07 am

Hi mona

Thanks for the compliments! She is indeed creative. I hope I have another good luck in the snesual massage next round. Would you like to join me... again?

fallenmona 42F
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2/23/2006 5:40 am

Massage? Tempting... but we see about it

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